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Quick Tips To Stay Healthy

Written by Featured Contributor
We are probably all guilty of not entirely taking care of ourselves as much as we should. It’s too hard, too expensive, takes too long to see good results. The list of excuses goes on. But, it’s time to leave those excuse on your pillow and give yourself a shakeup.
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Water Why is it so simple to drink countless coffees, teas, juices, and even fizzy drinks, but when it comes to water we just don’t bother? Water is so much better for you than all of those things. Even upping your intake by a few glasses a day will see a significant improvement in your skin, energy, sleep, and concentration.
Sleep Just sleeping is okay, but getting good quality rest and relaxation is better for you. If you head to bed before you are tired you will end up more frustrated, and get less sleep in the end. Try and create a routine to allow your body and brain to start switching off earlier in the evening. The calm app has a gentle reminder set for you to let yo…

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