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Turn Your Love Of Health & Fitness Into A Career

Written by Featured Contributor 
Passionate about health and fitness? Turning this passion into a career could allow you to earn money doing something you love. The health and fitness sector is currently booming and there are a range of different opportunities to consider. Here are just a few of the possible careers you could consider.
Personal training Personal trainers help others to reach their fitness goals by providing expert advice and workout motivation. Most personal trainers work on a freelance basis, however, many trainers will work part-time in a gym or exercise studio initially (this provides the perfect environment to pick up clients whilst also offering a more reliable income).
To become a personal trainer, you generally need some form of qualification. There are lots of ways to get qualified including online personal trainer certification. Courses can vary in length with some only lasting a couple weeks and others lasting years.
Once you’re qualified, you can start lookin…

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