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These Ways To Improve Your Fitness Will Change Your Whole Approach To Working Out

Written by Featured Contributor 
The traditional way to get fit is to head to the gym and work as for as long and as hard as you can. That's how you burn fat, build muscles, and increase stamina, right? Well, in reality, things are a bit more involved than that. In fact, there are ways of getting fit that don't subscribe this the traditional ethos at all. Just read on to find out more.
Muscles are (mostly) made in the kitchen, not the gym
Now you have probably heard the statement that abs or muscles in general, are made in the kitchen and not the gym, but do you really understand what it means? Well, to clarify it highlights that your physical training regime is actually a lot less significant than your diet and nutrition program. Meaning no matter how hard you work, or how much you lift, if you nutritional foundations aren't right, you won't be building muscle or getting any fitter with much success.
So with this in mind what should a healthy diet designed for fitness a…

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