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4 Business Resources That Can Help Your Business Work Smarter

Photo Credit:  Pixabay
"Work smarter, not harder" -  Carl Barks

Written by Dana RockwellJessica Moore
In today's business world many are familiar with clever acronyms, sayings, and principles such as KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) or, CPC (Cost Per Click)... however, the knowledge to implement them is scarce.  The concepts make sense, but how are the ideas placed into action?The answer: Business resources.  
Carefully chosen business resources aid in the success of the business. There are many business resources available from entrepreneurial associations to funding resources and computing solutions. Below are business resource solutions that are guaranteed to help your business work SMARTER.
The Benefits of Cloud Computing -  Cloud computing put simply is the delivery of on-demand services such as applications, storage, and processing power.  Companies, instead of owning their own data centers or infrastructure, can rent applications or storage from a cloud service …

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