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On Your Bike! 8 Reasons To Take Up Cycling

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Got a bike that’s gathering dust in your shed? Ever thought of getting back on the saddle? Cycling can have a huge amount of benefits. For those that have been taking it up as a hobby or another mode of getting around, here are a few reasons to help spur you on.
It’s good for your heart
Cycling is very much an aerobic exercise and will help to increase your heart rate. If you don’t do a lot of physical activity, twenty minutes of cycling each day could be enough to keep your heart healthy. Cycling is also good for your blood and lungs, replenishing the body with a fresh source of oxygen and helping to flush toxins out.
It’s good for your mind
Like any form of exercise, cycling releases serotonin – the body’s happy hormone - which is good for the mind. A fresh supply of oxygen to the brain can also help to improve concentration. Cycling to work therefore can allow you to arrive feeling more alert and ready for action.
It will help you build muscles

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