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How to Effectively Lose Weight Using Battle Ropes

Written by Guest Contributor
Battle ropes have become very fashionable in fitness, but can they really help you to lose weight?
Battle ropes exercises are perfect for you to use if you don’t have a lot of time and love an interesting workout. You’ll love the idea of building muscle, conditioning and cardio at the same time.
Intense exercise that gets results Battle rope exercises are super effective, and they’re easy to learn. This is intense exercise, but anyone can do it. Most battle rope exercises are low impact and suitable for beginners. You can get a great workout at any stage of fitness. There’s a low risk of injury and minimal impact on your joints.
Why are battle rope exercises effective for weight loss? Studies have shown that by performing high-intensity workouts regularly, you could still be burning calories at a higher rate as much as 11% two hours after exercise and even the next day. Battle ropes exercises lend themselves to high-intensity style workouts and they are also grea…

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