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What to Do if Your Child Has a Dental Emergency

Written by Dr. Michael Letham
Children who regularly engage in rough-and-tumble play or contact sports are more prone to having a dental emergency.
There are different types of oral trauma that your kids can experience while they are playing or engaging in a sport which may require emergency dental care.
Here are the four most common types of dental emergencies children may experience, and tips on how to handle them:
1)  Knocked-out tooth
A knocked-out or avulsed tooth is one of the most common dental emergencies children can experience. They can have a tooth knocked out due to a blow to the mouth or an accident involving the face which can happen while they are playing contact sports.  
If a tooth has been knocked-out of the child’s mouth completely, check if it is a permanent or primary tooth first. In case it is a baby or primary tooth, it is best to chuck it out since dentists will not attempt to re-implant this type of tooth.  
However, if the avulsed tooth is a permanent one, bri…

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