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How Regular Exercise Can Benefit Your Business

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Written by Featured Contributor 
Forget that common excuse prevalent amongst a lot of business owners…
"I'm too busy for exercise."
Because making time for some kind of workout programme actually has benefits for your business day. Why?
1. Exercise reduces the number of sick days Regular exercise bolsters the immune system and helps to fight off common infections and illnesses, so to ensure you don't need to take any sick days, and to ensure you have healthy employees who don't need to have time off either, implement some kind of exercise opportunity into the day. This might be in the break room, perhaps with a ping pong table or some other kind of activity that supports movement, or it could be through deskercise, which you, and each of your employees should commit to at regular intervals during the day. Consequently, being fighting fit and with less sick days to deal with, there will be less disruption to your business.
2. Exercise promotes te…

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