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The Popularity of Texan Barbecue

Photo Credit: Pixabay Co-authored by Dana Rockwell 
Unless you are a true Texas native, put everything you thought you knew about barbecue aside. When visiting Texas, be careful how you speak about barbecue to Texans!!  Most Americans take out their grills only during the late Spring and Summer months to cook various meats including hot dogs and hamburgers.  Caution: Hot dogs and hamburgers aren’t considered “real” barbecue in Texas. Just ask Laura Rea Dickey or Roland Dickey, Jr., both experts in BBQ and senior executives at Dickey’s Barbeque Pit.  In fact, simply marinating meat and placing it on the grill isn’t “real” barbecue in Texas either. In the Lone Star State, barbecue is considered a culture and Texas’ signature pride.   The Texan population of approximately 28 million plus isn’t the only big thing in this second largest state in the U.S., - BBQ is!!
Four Styles of Texan BBQ - The migration of immigrant groups within Texas brought with them their own cuisine and preparation …

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