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3 Reasons Not To Go To A Commercial Gym If You Value Your Health

Written by  Featured Contributor 
When you think about getting fit and healthy, you immediately start committing to the gym. You’ll visit the one closest to you, and sign up for a contract to keep you motivated. Commercial gyms are packed full of people all hoping to achieve the same fitness goals as you. They’re a great place to start your journey, and will certainly see you on your way to better health, right?
Well, while the idea of a gym is perfectly fine, going to a commercial one can actually be harming your health in more ways than one. Not only that, but there are loads of negative sides to commercial gyms that just don’t make them worth your time or money. To help you understand what I mean, here are a few reasons not to go to a commercial gym:
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There Are Germs Everywhere
Commercial gyms are probably the most unhygienic places on planet earth. I’d say you have less risk of catching diseases from your toilet seat than from a gym. As I said, they’re full of…

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