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Beating The Bloat

Photo Credit: Flickr
Written by Featured Contributor 
Not only is bloating pretty uncomfortable what with the uncomfortably full feeling and the pain that it brings, but it can make it feel like all of your efforts to get fit and tone up have been for naught when your stomach is sticking out like a balloon. So, pretty much none of us ever want to be bloated, but unfortunately, many of us find ourselves suffering from the condition all too often.
I think it’s time to beat the bloat. It can be done, and it’s actually not all that difficult to achieve - just check out these tips:
Check It’s Not a Medical Condition
Although bloating is usually caused by lifestyle choices or hormonal changes, there are some conditions such as anasarca and some food allergies, which can cause the stomach to bloat and they are much more serious, and you will need medical attention for them. So, if your bloating seems to happen all too often, not be related to any of the other stuff in this post, and doesn’t go …

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