We all have food CRAVINGS.  I don't imagine them just disappearing, for me they actually became more challenging but I eventually started to curb, substitute with different healthy alternatives, or forget about them. 

What have I done?  I personally increased the protein in my diet to curb my cravings.  Doing this has made me feel less hungry throughout the day.  I truly love to snack on greek yogurt (honey vanilla and peach) are my favorite.  Greek yogurt has 14+grams of protein almost double than regular yogurt.  At times I also add some extra fruit into my yogurt.  My two favorite brands are Chobani and Dannon. When feeling extremely hungry I also snack on peanut butter,  not too much just a tablespoon once or twice throughout the day.  Another tip I learned from my endochrinologist is to eat your vegetables first this will allow you to eat less.   I haven't found a way to curb my chocolate craving, I do buy less and try to avoid it so that's a start :-).  Any ideas?   

View this helpful link on 10 ways to curb your cravings: My favorite tip is number 2 "Destroy Temptation".  They actually suggest you literally destroy your craving foods.  I haven't tried that, wonder if it works? Hmm?

Please note: Never use pills to decrease your appetite, in general diet pills are not approved by the FDA and are unhealthy.  They cause more harm than good.  Remember, we are losing weight in a healthy manner.   

How do you curb your cravings?  Would love to hear from you. 

Tip of the Day:  Gradually decrease your favorite "not so healthy" foods.  Getting rid of everything at once  may lead to binge or uncontrollable eating which may lead to overwhelming feelings which will make eating healthy more difficult and seem like a chore.  Eating shouldn't be such a hard task.  

Happy Tuesday!  Enjoy!  


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