Healthy BBQ ideas


Most people enjoy starting the summer with a Memorial Day BBQ. I know I enjoy them and will be at one on Monday.  You know yourself best, so if you feel that you may overeat at the party, eat beforehand so you are not as hungry.  If you cannot eat before the party, chose your portions wisely and try to avoid foods that you crave.  I always tend to overeat when I see salsa and chips and the cheese tray so I try to avoid them.  Instead grab lots of healthy items such as salads and chicken or lean meat rather than hot dogs or finger foods.  If there are burgers try to eliminate the bun or at least the top half of the bun.  Pick fat free dressing, I often use vinegar instead of both oil & vinegar.  Most often 1 tablespoon of dressing is a full serving.  When eliminating unhealthy foods, start small, eventually you will wonder how did I "used to" eat all that stuff?  Focus on "used to", there is no such thing as "I cannot".  The key is don't eliminate everything at once, this doesn't work - TRUST me.  You must pace yourself one day at a time.    If you feel you absolutely need to eat something (you really don't need to) share your portion with a friend.  Be active at the party, dance, swim, go for a walk, play with the children, you will burn extra calories! 

Enjoy your Holiday!

Tip of the Day:  Bring your own healthy dish to the party.  There is no better way to share your healthy food with others.   

What are some of your favorite activities and meals for barbecues?  Let's here your ideas! 

Click on the link below to reveal some healthy BBQ cooking ideas from SHAPE magazine. 

Happy Friday - Determined D  


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