Mmmm Hamburgers

Welcome.  I am happy you have decided to visit me.  I like to begin by discussing strengths and weaknesses.  It helps to write down your food weaknesses as you will know what you are dealing with. And, always emphasize your strengths, this will keep you motivated.  You may have a chocolate (like me) or chip weakness.  My advice is, "JUST don't buy it".  No excuses.   We all have weaknesses, especially when it comes to eating healthy.  We will never refer to eating healthy as dieting as most people seem to shy away from the word "diet". Diet seems too hard.   I have been there - trust me.  I used to eat fast food - hamburgers, onion rings etc.  I still do...but very infrequently and in very small quantities.  Eating healthy doesn't have to be about forgetting our favorite foods.  For example, my family and I love to have pizza on Fridays.  Instead of having two to three pieces, have a salad with one slice of pizza.  Eating healthy is also about compromise, if you absolutely have to have something always order the smallest size...once you start to feel good you will not even crave or want it anymore.  I cut out French fries from my eating regime over two years ago. 

Looking forward to writing a new entry tomorrow.  Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday.  

Please feel free to ask any questions or share your own personal experiences.

Daily Tip:  Make a small goal with a small incentive or reward for yourself.  For example, today I treated myself to a mini-frosty for doing so well with my workouts over the past two weeks.  It doesn't have to be food, it could be an outfit, but be sure it is something you truly enjoy. 


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