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Sunday is upon us.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday so far.  I know I am.  Tomorrow I will be swimming.

I promised I would tell everyone more about me so here goes.  I am a 34 year old married female with 2 children.  I grew up in a fairly large suburban town and have always been family oriented.  I have also always enjoyed exercise and fitness.  At one point I used to make fitness collages to motivate myself.  Growing up, my mom would always cook extremely healthy and my body was in excellent shape until a couple of years ago. In high school I weighed 120 lbs, my height  5'7''.  I remember my prom dress being size 3/4.  When I met my husband my weight was 143 pnds, I was still at a healthy weight for my height and worked out frequently at the gym.  Then all of the sudden before I knew it my weight increased to 214 pounds at my heaviest.  This weight gain did not take place after children as after the birth of my second child I weighed about 160 pounds.  It happened because I stopped taking care of myself and was focused on my family, school, and work. 

I have now learned that you can focus on yourself and your family.  It is important to watch what you eat and also feed your family healthy foods.  If you do not take care of yourself, you eventually won't be around to take care of your family.  Americans have lost the purpose in eating.  Many eat because they "crave" certain things or they may feel they cannot stop eating.  This can be controlled with the mind.  People are supposed to eat for nutrition, to make your body keep going.  

To date, over the past two years I have gradually lost a total of 40 pounds.  By December of this year I hope to weigh 145 pounds and know I WILL DO IT.  I have become extremely active in the past four weeks and have never felt better.  It all started with taking a weekly class with my sister.  Thanks SIS and the others who have motivated me - you know who you are :-) xo.

Tip of the Day:  Start a daily food journal.  This has helped me.  You don't realize how much you are eating until you write it down.  You may say to yourself, "HMmmm, do I really need to eat those cookies after lunch?"  There are so many apps that you can download to assist you in logging your food. 

What are some of your healthy dishes?  I would also like to hear more about you.......

Determined Diva holds a MBA in Business Administration from UMUC and her BS in Psychology.  She is also currently pursuing a certificate and a MDE in Distance Education.  Professionally she has held a management position in a large urban hospital in which she was employed for over 11 years.  Now she is focused on herself and her education.  She enjoys writing, reading, education, exercise, and hopes one day to write a book.  Maybe, it will be titled 365 tips.....(enough said).     

I will look like this again..... minus the dark hair LOL...(keyword WILL).  See below:


  1. I think people forget to take care of themselves first, its tough having time for a healthy lifestyle whem in our society everything we see has to be fast, We must make time to educate ourselves on what to eat, how much and when. Instead of having that fast food, high fat and non-nutrition food. We must seek a different venue (stoping by the supermarket and getting deli turkey meat, cup of tuna salad, fruit salad, tossed salad), a Rotisserie chicken place or some [;ace that serves a healthy choice. We must make time for ourselves.

  2. Your absolutely correct. Our lifestyles are all about multi-tasking and often eating on the go...but we do often forget about ourselves! "Fast-food" doesn't have to be about greasy fattening foods. Many "fast-food" places have added some healthy choices to their menus. For example, McDonald's now serves oatmeal and most of the fast-food places include the nutritional information on their wrapper or labeling(if you even want to consider this as nutritional - hint).

    Recently my mom and I stumbled upon two great alternate "fast-food" places. Can "fast-food" be healthy? Yes, it can. It depends upon where you go. Honestly, I would skip McDonald's and Burger King unless you are going to choose a salad with a fat-free dressing. Find a "healthy" alternative. My favorites are Salad Works (choose your dressing and salad wisely) and Muscle Maker Grill.

    Thanks again!

  3. I highly believe in keeping a food journal or daily diary. It makes knowing/keeping track of everything you need to keep track of very simple. I also really enjoy the Salad Works (where you choose your own salad and dreassing).

  4. To Ms. Valerie Anne,

    Thank you for following. Look forward to hearing additional thoughts and comments from you.



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