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I am going to switch my posts around a little bit.  I will discuss BMI, BMR, and IBW tomorrow.  I plan to weigh myself in the morning and then utilize the special calculator that I have placed on the site.  I will report my numbers to all so that I can keep track of my accomplishments with everyone.   

Healthy beverages came to mind when I received an email from my aunt who has always been health conscious.  The beverage was titled "the miracle drug".    The drink contains different fruits and veggies.  More importantly, each ingredient has a diverse purpose to feed wellness into your body. As mentioned in a previous entry, individuals lost the purpose behind why WE 'eat'.  We DO NOT eat for pleasure or gratification - we eat for NUTRITIONAL purposes, to keep our body healthy. 

Feed your body wellness.  Focus on health and well-being.  The healthy beverage contained:  beetroot, carrots and apples.  Beetroot is said to be good for exercise stamina and re-building liver cells.  There was a study conducted and published in the Journal of Physiology on beetroot and exercise stamina.   Carrots are filled with Vitamin A (cancer prevention) among beta-carotene and many other nutrients.  Finally, apples - 'An apple a day keeps the Dr. Away'.  Apples are good for cardiovascular health.   Please visit the link below for further information on the beetroot study:

I recommend picking various fruits, veggies, and you can also add some fat-free or Greek yogurt ;-).  Add ice and BLEND.  Don't forget you can also add fat-free whip-cream....with a cherry on-top...yummmmy...

What is your favorite healthy beverage?

Tip of the Day:  Be creative...Make your own healthy beverage. I often mix cinnamon and banana with my vanilla protein shake.  I drink protein shakes on exercise days. 

More to come tomorrow - BMI discussion and the Quote of the Week. 

Night -
DD xo


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