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Happy Wed! 

Today I would like to speak about healthy snacks and some ideas for healthy alternatives and substitution.    I cannot stress enough that individuals who follow a regular exercise program in conjunction with healthy eating will be successful with their weight loss goals.  NO EXCUSES!  Some of my favorite healthy snacks are Weight Watchers Ice-Cream (tastes great), Keebler 100 calorie snacks, Power Bars (just tried them today and I am hooked), 1 cup or serving of popcorn, 1 cup or serving of pretzels, lemon ice (very low in calories), peanut butter, low fat pudding, and GREEK yogurt (very high in protein).

There are many different types of food substitutions. For example, individuals with diabetes substitute sugar with Splenda.  I recently came across an excellent book titled "Cook This Not That".  I made beef stroganoff and substituted sour cream with low-fat Greek yogurt - no one could tell it was so tasty.  I highly recommend the book as most of the food tastes great and the dishes are generally under 400 calories. You can click below to order your copy.  


 TIP of the DAY - Look at food labels!  I never used to, but I do now!  You will be amazed at how many servings items can have.  What made me start looking at labels was the day I decided to look at one of my favorite snacks (old fav snack) chrunchy cheetos.  A small bag has about 3 1/2 serving equalling 400 + calories - YUCK. 

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?

I am always here to answer any questions that you may have.  Let's start a discussion - Comment TODAY!

Determined D


  1. Dear DD,

    One of my fav healthy snacks is baby carrots. Just 35 calories per 3oz serving. I usually eat them plain but when I feel like being a little naughty, I use my favorite low cal/fat dressing for dipping. Also, you will be happy to know that crunchy cheetos now come in a baked 100 calorie pack version :)!

  2. @ Mariss,

    Hi work-out buddy. Carrots are an awesome snack, adding a low calorie or fat free dressing is a better alternative then a high calorie dip. I appreciate your post and I will keep my eye out for 100 calorie Cheetos.

    Stay Determined -

    PS Did you ever see 100 calorie Doritos - I have :).


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