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It's extremely HOTT today, be sure to stay hydrated and indoors if possible, unless you are going swimming (a great form of exercise).  I am happy to report that my BMI has gone down further and the site has had almost 800 visitors.  I appreciate everyone that has commented but I would love for more people to comment and tell me what they would like to discuss.  I am going to be developing some bumper stickers and car magnets.  Please send me your email if you would like to order a bumper sticker or car sticker for a small donation.  Coming Soon - Interviews with people who are motivated and fit.  We will learn about their activities and what works for them.  Those that are interested in networking with me and want an opportunity to be interviewed and BRAND themselves please send me an email @ danaarev@gmail.com.  I am open to all types of networking - fitness, exercise, nutrition etc. 

Inspiring moment:  I recently spoke to one of my graduate classmates from a couple of years ago.  Him and I used to have discussions about health, fitness, and school.  He was overweight (as was I)and I motivated him to join Weight Watchers.  He joined shortly thereafter and was hooked.  To date he lost 80 pounds.  Awesome job Don!  He is currently maintaining.  I invited him to speak, I am awaiting his reply.  Let's go Don, I want you to use the BMI tool :-).  This is one of the major reasons I started this blog to inspire others and remain motivated!  

Quote of the Week:  I added a quote icon to the blog for all individuals who utilize quotes to remain inspired.  All positive great quotes....  Today I will share a quote about exercise and from one of my favorite sports to watch MMA fighting. “A black belt only covers two inches of your ass. You have to cover the rest.” - Royce Gracie
Tip of the Day:  Think about someone who has inspired you to exercise or eat healthy.  What did they say?  What did they do?  Remind yourself when you are having an off day it will HELP! 

Let's continue to motivate each other!  Who have you "inspired" I want to hear from YOU!

Keep moving ~

Determined Diva xoxoxo

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  1. Hey Dana,

    Thanks for the shout out in this week's post. I've come along way since you first recommended weight watchers. As I guy, I was skeptical about this whole dieting thing, and I wasn't sure I could do it while still being able to "hang with the guys." But through determination, I did. I feel great today. I'm quasi maintaining now...wouldn't mind to lose a few more pounds, but am holding steady with a BMI of 24. So if you are starting fresh, or are maintaining like me, know that you can do this. Follow Dana, she knows what she's talking about. So set a goal and get fierce! And let us know your ups and downs on your road to your personal ideal body weight.


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