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I am looking for individuals from all around the globe who partcipate in a physical activity or are knowledagble in fitness to be guest speakers/contributors on the BLOG.  If you have a BLOG or a business you may include your link.  If interested please comment here or send me an email at  Great networking and exposure opportunity.  Brand yourself :-). 



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    Food Groups

    Grains Vegetables Fruits Dairy Protein foods
    Make half your grains whole. Vary your veggies. Focus on fruits. Get your calcium-rich foods. Go lean with protein.

    Always remember to eat properly

  2. I have been able to weight lift, played soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball and football. Have kept active must of my life. What has worked for me is to keep my meals to 5 a day. 45 minutes of cardio (walking on the treadmill), and I do the 4 days on 1 day off schedule (I work two body parts per day and on the last day is all legs). Winter and Summer workouts are different because what I want to achieve of my body, also rest is very important.

  3. This is the stuff I want to hear. What you personally do to maintain active and eat better. I have good news...I have a guest contributor for next week. Cannot wait! Have you motivated someone today? Thanks - Stay Determined


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