Happy Thursday!

Sorry I haven't blogged more often as promised.  I have been extremely busy.  Summer is almost here, we certainly know that the summer weather has already been here well before its time.  While some days are extremely hot it sure beats shoveling snow.... I rather be outside enjoying the warm beach weather.  I came across another exercise motivational blog today and truly enjoyed the saying 'Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment' absolutely love it.  This will be our weekly quote.  To me this means take time to appreciate what you have accomplished during your work-out.  FOCUS, relax, be happy and breathe. What does this saying mean to you?

Tip of the Day:  Appreciate 'yourself'.  Workout, eat well, relax, and take time for yourself.  Give it your all.  At the end of the week pick a day to appreciate yourself:  Girls do something you love - shop, get a pedicure, or massage. Guys:  Go out and have FUN!  You will feel GREAT especially knowing you are following your goals!

If you have time, please take the attached survey.  I will share the results once I have a substantial amount of responses. 

Survey Link:

Stay motivated! 

Determined D xo



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