What happens on an "off" day?


Today I had an "off" day with my eating and portion control.  Really bad.  I ate a lot of carbohydrates - bread and pizza. Instead of having one slice of pizza I had two.   While I know this is not healthy, I will strive to be better and pick up the pace tomorrow. 

There are some things that YOU can do to avoid temptation.  I know one of my biggest weaknesses are frozen Cherry Cokes and Slushies, I try to avoid them at all costs.  However, it is okay to have something once in awhile.  I find if I treat myself once in awhile I don't have food cravings as much.  Knowing you are allowed to eat whatever you want within reason will help you to curb food cravings    Thinking you cannot have something makes you want it even more. Another important note, share food, this will help with portion control.  For example, if you must have dessert - split it in half.  Finally, always remain motivated and strong, if you eat too much it's okay - Just do not make a habit out of it.      

Tip of the Day: When having an "off" day don't feel discouraged we are human beings and often give in to temptation. Don't make one "off" day turn into an "off" month and then "off" years.  I have been there - TRUST me!  Don't worry you will get it. 

Inspirational Quote: "Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men." ~ Unknown 

Keep working AND stay motivated,


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