Happy 4th

Hi Friends,
Happy 4th to you and your loved ones.  Hope everyone has been to at least one get together this holiday weekend.   I hope you brought a "healthy" dish to the celebration.  

Well, it has been awhile since I have blogged.  My new goal this week is to post every other day.  I am still exercising approximately four times per week.  I truly enjoy motivation and inspiration and I get both through my exercise routine.  I am very grateful to my friend who sort of dragged me to kickboxing.  I watched one class and I was "in".  I spoke to another member of the kickboxing class who had the same thoughts as me.  She said, "You feel like you cannot miss a class, and when your in class you have to work hard, because if you don't you will be letting your teammates down".  This is so true, in class, (especially with a great leader/instructor) you keep yourself moving.  I also see RESULTS, while I did not lose that much weight, I am more toned, confident, and one size smaller in clothes.  Oh, and the best....I feel awesome! I have never witnessed anything similar, everyone helping each other and pushing their teammates to true success.   

Quote of the week:  "You've got to take the initiative and play your game. In a decisive set, confidence is the difference"  
- Chris Evert

More updates:  I am still working on the fitness survey.  My goal is to get over 250 responses and then share them with you.  I am up to approximately 60.  All of the participants had great things to say about exercise, such as, "Exercise to me is a way to find yourself". 

Tip:  Look for a place that participates in "team" or "group" exercising. Some activities that come to mind are - crossfit, kickboxing, karate, etc.  The instructor may use team building exercises, this allows everyone to work hard together.  Other reasons to exercise with group include: routine will be structured, the motivation is apparent, and it's FUN. 

I enjoy hearing from the audience/followers - What would be a good team or group exercise to participate in and WHY? 

If interested please partcipate in the fitness survey at: <a href="http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/R9PJCVK%22%3EClick here to take survey</a>

Enjoy the last day of the Holiday weekend!  Remember, "NO EXCUSES". 

Yours truly,
Determined D


  1. This a great blog.

  2. Keep doing the great work buddy, This blog helps us to get some nice health tips and encourages us to exercise more so that we can stay fit.

  3. this is really good site were we can have many tips and great idea and useful to many people in their daily life.. keep it up great work

  4. Motivation is the key! Healthy mind, healthy body. A great way to stay in shape is to participate in group activities; soccer, basketball, baseball, any type of team sports is great.I would like to hear more about nutrition.

  5. To All,

    Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am happy that you are finding my blog useful and encouraging.

    @The Body :). Sports is a great way to condition the body. It takes a lot of training and time but a great way to interact with others..."A team environment".

    You asked so I shall give - my next post will be regarding nutrition.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  6. superb blog

    i liked the quote very much

  7. Exercise is Health , Health is wealth.


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