Happy 4th

Hi Friends,
Happy 4th to you and your loved ones.  Hope everyone has been to at least one get together this holiday weekend.   I hope you brought a "healthy" dish to the celebration.  

Well, it has been awhile since I have blogged.  My new goal this week is to post every other day.  I am still exercising approximately four times per week.  I truly enjoy motivation and inspiration and I get both through my exercise routine.  I am very grateful to my friend who sort of dragged me to kickboxing.  I watched one class and I was "in".  I spoke to another member of the kickboxing class who had the same thoughts as me.  She said, "You feel like you cannot miss a class, and when your in class you have to work hard, because if you don't you will be letting your teammates down".  This is so true, in class, (especially with a great leader/instructor) you keep yourself moving.  I also see RESULTS, while I did not lose that much weight, I am more toned, confident, and one size smaller in clothes.  Oh, and the best....I feel awesome! I have never witnessed anything similar, everyone helping each other and pushing their teammates to true success.   

Quote of the week:  "You've got to take the initiative and play your game. In a decisive set, confidence is the difference"  
- Chris Evert

More updates:  I am still working on the fitness survey.  My goal is to get over 250 responses and then share them with you.  I am up to approximately 60.  All of the participants had great things to say about exercise, such as, "Exercise to me is a way to find yourself". 

Tip:  Look for a place that participates in "team" or "group" exercising. Some activities that come to mind are - crossfit, kickboxing, karate, etc.  The instructor may use team building exercises, this allows everyone to work hard together.  Other reasons to exercise with group include: routine will be structured, the motivation is apparent, and it's FUN. 

I enjoy hearing from the audience/followers - What would be a good team or group exercise to participate in and WHY? 

If interested please partcipate in the fitness survey at: <a href="http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/R9PJCVK%22%3EClick here to take survey</a>

Enjoy the last day of the Holiday weekend!  Remember, "NO EXCUSES". 

Yours truly,
Determined D

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