"Tall, sandy blonde, with sort of blue eyes, skinny in places, fat in others. An average gal".
~Uma Thurman

Happy Tuesday!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week thus far. I know that there are many many motivational stories about individuals losing weight or being motivated to achieve a "healthy" weight and lifestyle.  I personally achieve to obtain a 'healthy' weight and to look fit, not to be skinny.  Many people don't even weigh themselves, if they look good - the 'scale' just displays a number. Healthy is sexy.  It is important to stay motivated and not get discourgaged by's about your self image, exercising will help you feel better both physically and mentally - trust me!    

The purpose of this entry is to find people....  I want to hear from you, I want to know your story!  Real stories from real people.  If you are too shy to reveal your identity you may respond to this post anonymously or email me directly at  I hope to post your story on my motivate others (I promise to keep your identity confidential). What are your favorite motivational quote(s)?  What do you do for exercise?  If your not shy :) I would like you to send me a pic too that I can use!  I would also appreciate if you can send me your motivational sayings and quotes if you do not have a particular story, my goal is to make a motivational collage of everyones favorite sayings. 

I expect to hear from you! 

I appreciate your help.

Determined D xo

*If you are interested in networking you may also send me your email address and we can discuss the details - it's a win-win situation :).  Brand yourself! I am also available to help with your BLOG, contact me. 


  1. I think that if you look good, you will feel good. Always get your rearly check up, a balanced diet and a daily work outs will help you lose and keep the weight off. I divede my meals to 5 times a day, watch my protein and complex carb intake so I can get the maximum amount of nutrients.


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