Determined D & Got Fat? Presents An Interview with J. Peele


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far.  Going forward, a couple of times a month I am going to include articles and or interviews with fitness experts.  I am excited to be networking with a handful of women who are intrigued with fitness, as am I.  Today, I welcome Jennifer Peele ~ BeachBody Consultant from CA. 

About Jen:  I’m a full time mother, wife, student, and Beachbody coach. I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy being active physically during the day and relaxing with a tall glass of red wine at  night.  Visit Jen ~ click here 

1)  What exactly is a beachbody coach and how did they evolve? A Beachbody coach can be anybody! Beachbody Coaches are individuals who are willing to provide encouragement and support to others while working towards their own goals.  The founders decided to focus on word-of-mouth marketing. This marketing opportunity grew out of the fact that our customers were having success with Beachbody products and were sharing their success with everyone they knew. The company decided to create a compensation plan that would reward these individuals who recommended our products.
Here is a video explaining more about Beachbody and Being a coach.
 2)  What inspired you to begin exercising?  My family was my inspiration. I knew for me to be a better wife and mother I needed to be happy within, which I wasn’t. My sister was also a factor. She was losing weight at this time, which gave me more motivation! I couldn’t allow her to be smaller and stronger than me! (lol, sister competiveness) I also told my husband I would lose the baby weight before he got back from deployment so I had to get serious.
Please click below to hear more about my success story!
 3)  Do you follow a special diet?  I don't follow a special diet, however, I do drink Shakeology every morning, and sometimes at night for dessert. Shakeology is more than just a meal replacement or protein shake it’s a super food. It gives me energy, and reduces my sweet cravings! ( I have a HUGE SWEET TOOTH! )
Instead of eating 3 large meals, I snacked all day and usually had a salad for dinner. But I will admit I wasn’t a Notzi about what I ate. I allowed myself a few junk food here and there, but only in moderation. I knew if I ignored my cravings it would snip me in the butt later on.
Learn More about Shakeology
4)  Do you personally prefer exercising in the morning or evening?  Why?  I prefer exercising in the morning because it’s when I’m motivated the most and there are too many distractions during the evening.

5)  What is your favorite quote? “The simplest joy can bring the heart it's sweetest pleasure” ~ Unknown.

6)  What is your advice for someone who wants to exercise, however doesn't know where to start?    Make a commitment! Take the time to truly understand why you want to get healthy?
Tell your family, friends, and partner! Or even better find a support buddy! ( I’ll be more than happy to be your support buddy!) To hold you accountable!
Find a fitness program or workout you’ll enjoy! Find a program that you know you’ll follow through, and not give up because you hate it!
Change your eating habits! Cut out one unhealthy item every 4 days and replace it with something healthy! Get rid of temptation!
Educate yourself! Read fitness magazines to gain ideas, books, and use your resources online to better understand ways to keep healthy! 

Take baby steps! Don’t overdo it!

7)  High heels or sneakers? Selection C = Flip- flops or as some people call them sandals. =)
Jennifer had some great advice!  Remember, never give up...keep pushing yourself to reach your goals. 
Please visit Jen directly for any questions you may have about her routine and how she can help you :). 
What did you think of the interview?  Questions, Just Ask!  Comments and discussion are also encouraged.  

Stay Determined! 
Determined D xoxoxo


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