Empower Your Mind and Your Body Will Follow

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Empower Your Mind (Your Body Will Follow) Part 1
by Determined Diva

Words have powerful meanings especially when one puts them into action.  Motivation has the ability to empower people. It builds their confidence, allows them to feel powerful, and enables them to do anything that they set their mind to.

Our minds are constantly sending messages to our body.  We can control these thoughts and actions.  As John Milton said, "The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven".  You can train your mind to empower your body to achieve anything.  There is no such thing as I can't.  If you are having a problem completing a task or exercise, take a breather, anything can be accomplished with positive thoughts. Remember, positive thoughts = positive outcomes.  I came across some great suggestions on how to empower your mind (sharing my favorites). 
  • Be Positive Always.  Maintaining a positive attitude makes your life less stressful.  Earlier in the week I had mentioned to make your mistakes positive life lessons with no regrets. 
  • Identify your Success.  Write down your accomplishments and success and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!   With this know you are able to accomplish anything and set yourself up for more success.
  • Develop A Passion for Life.  This is very powerful and catching, as I find myself attracted to those that truly love life and love what they do.  They dedicate themselves to their passion and become extremely successful.  They also send powerful messages to others. 
Click here for all 10 suggestions on empowering your mind and some helpful hints on motivation.  http://jacobeducation.com/PD/Motivational/Motivate/Regain-Your-Self-Esteem.html

Part 2 of this discussion is coming tomorrow.  It will focus on how thoughts can empower your body to make you stronger than your opponent.  

Please share with me, what does empower mean to you?  (Don't be shy - that is why I included an anonymous button, you can also follow anonymously). 

Very excited to be conducting my first interview with J. Peele from sunny California.  Ms. Peele is a Beach Body Coach and I can't wait to find out what that entails.  To review her blog visit: http://mylittlefitness.blogspot.com/   Please come back to read the interview, as it will be posted SOON. 

As allows, thanks for visiting.  Stay Determined! 

Determined D. xo

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"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can acheieve" ~ Napolean.   



  1. Dear Determined D,

    Empower means to me the feeling of finding the strength inside yourself to acheive whatever goals one may have for themselves. I beleive the strength comes from within and helps someone accomplish whatever they aspire to acheive. I also believe that once you find this within you, and one begings to accomplish the goals on their path, nothing and nobody can take that feeling away from you.


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