Exercise is Great for Your Mind & Body In More Ways then One ~ DeterminedDiva

"Food has replaced sex in my life; now, I can't even get into my own pants" ~ Author Unknown

Exercise is Great for Your Mind & Body in More Ways then One

Good Morning!  Happy Wednesday.  Hope everyone is SAFE wherever they may be.  I am feeling a little bold today, so I have decided to discuss ~ exercise and sex~. 

Exercise has so many benefits to our mind, body, and soul.  Exercise has its obvious benefits, it can increase self-esteem, improve ones overall health, reduce the chance for disease, improve anxiety and depression, diminish stress, and much more. Heck, it also makes you feel sexy, more confident, and is said to increase your sexual drive.    

According to D. Zamora (2007), "Experts say people who are mentally and physically fit are more likely to have good sex lives" WebMD Feature Article*.  There are so many connections between exercise and sex that I personally never thought of.  Some include: 
  • Helps Relax your Mind & Body - When it's time to have sex, it is always better to relax and open your mind to the pleasurable and desirable experience.  One must be able to shut out other things such as work, daily living tasks, etc.  Free your mind of stress....exercise helps you open your mind and allows you to relax.   
  • Allows You to Be More Confident - Feeling more confident about yourself allows you to open up to your partner, let lose, feel good, sexy, and connected (mind and body connection - the brain is said to be "the most important sex organ of all" *WebMD).  I believe it allows you to connect on both a physical and mental level. This all leads to better sex.  
  • Increases Circulation and Blood Flow - Leads to better orgasims and a eurphoric state. ACE (American Council of Exercise) reports"Being physically active can be a natural Viagra boost" *WebMD.  Enough said!
What are some good exercises to increase your sex drive?  Yoga, Belly Dancing :), Dance, and many more! Try them and report back :D! 

How has exercise helped you?  I want to hear from YOU! Don't be shy!    

Stay Determined!

Happy Exercising,
Determined D. XO

~Be Bold! Be Erotic! Feel Sexy-Exercise!~ Determined D.



  1. Ava,

    Please try and report back! I too need to put these into practice :).

    Determined D. xoxoxo


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