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Happy Saturday! 

First, I want to take a moment to thank all of my followers and visitors. I am up to **1560** visitors (10 blog followers and 30+ followers on Twitter). Without my visitors and followers, I wouldn't be here.  I encourage those who are repeat visitors to please "follow-me", "email me", and "respond" to my blog entries with questions. I would also like to know what you would like to discuss.   Next week I hope to post my first interview and I am also working on my first "guest blog" article.  I am very excited to be able to write an article for another blog!  I will give you the details once the article is finished and I know its posting date.  With the new school year upon us the topic will be bullying.  Finally, I had the opportunity to listen to two webinars this week both focused on social marketing.  I  can't wait to try some of the techniques that I learned. 

I was doing some research today and came across a great article.  I just brought my son to the doctor for his annual physical.  Suprisingly he gained too much weight.  Now I am monitoring all of his snacks and food.  One key however, is never use the word DIET. I hate that word.  No-one should ever be on a diet - they should have the mindset to fuel their body for nutritional purposes with Healthy choices. This thought leads me to a message I have tried to convey - your body is your body - whether large, small, round in between, yellow, purple, white, brown, black.  People do not have to be skinny to be sexy and fit.   What is important is you LOVE your own body and be comfortable with who you are.  We must teach our children to be proud of who they are no matter what. I told my son, we gained too much weight, so we are going to make better choices to be healthy.  Let them know you are in it "together". This leads me to the article I came across ~ "Young girls' fat issues.  Yes, really."  Please click below for the full article. 

The article reviews a childrens book about being fat vs. skinny and how it is portraying the message. I agree with the writers views in that, what actually is FAT and why is FAT so bad?  FAT doesn't have to be bad, it's how we percieve it.  We teach our children how to feel about certain things, so why does FAT have to be negative? It really does not! Children should not be concerned over losing weight, it is too much pressure and stress.  Of course, they should eat healthy, lose weight, and partcipate in sports and physical activity.   What do you think? Should parents force their child to lose weight?   

Enjoy your weekend, and if you are on the East Coast in preparation of hurricane "IRENE" Stay Safe! 

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Get Motivated ~ DD  

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