Stay Motivated!

How is everyone feeling today?  We are having some AWESOME weather here on the East coast.  That's definitely something for you to feel "motivated" about!  No humidity, blue skies, picture perfect.  My friend had sent me a message this morning that he was having a Good Morning - on his walk (way to go, Don)!  Not every day, however, can be sunny and bright.  Many people INCLUDING ME have difficulty sparking motivation and keeping it going!  I have been following Women's Health Magazine they have some great exercise and health tips.  Over the weekend, I came across a perfect article for a Monday!  They also had a great "Tweet" this AM #Motivational Monday.   

The article is titled, "Tricks to Stick With your Workout". 

I found the following tips most helpful:

  • WAKE UP earlier.  I personally find when I exercise early in the AM, I feel energized throughout the day.  At night I am generally tired and need an extra push to get out of the door.  But, I always feel so good afterwards. 
  • PLAN B - Always have a Plan B.  If you cannot leave your house to exercise find something to do at home.  30 minutes of physical activity is recommended for healthy weight loss.
  • REWARD YOURSELF - This one is my favorite!  My suggestion is reward yourself once a month, maybe with a new outfit, electronic gadget, etc.  Not FOOD.  I have rewarded myself with food in the past and it didn't work so well.  Cookies are a big weakness for me.  With that being said, also know your weaknesses so that you can avoid them! 

What are some of your "tricks" to stay motivated?  Mine are (3Ms):  Music, Motivational instructors/workout buddies, and Motivational quotes. 

Stay Motivated!
Enjoy your workout today!
~Determined Diva #GotFat~


  1. Thanks for the Shout Out!

    I hear ya about the extra push in the evenings. I start work at 6AM, so waking up earlier than I already do is a challenge. How do you "push" yourself out the door in the evenings?

  2. Hey!

    Good question! Every little thing helps. After a healthy (chicken or lean meat) dinner, I take a shower to feel energized, make sure I listen to my fav music in the car, and remind myself how awesome I feel after my workout. It's worth the PUSH.

    Thank you for your, question and comment!

    Stay motivated!


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