All Women Have the POWER to be Strong

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts"   ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

All Women Have the Power to be Strong

All women are powerful, beautiful, smart, and strong.   I am feeling great and empowering so I thought  I would share my feelings with everyone in hope that I can motivate someone, change their point of view for the better, or at least put a smile on their face.  I have been really into exercising for the past five months; and I have never felt better.  I used to think, looking good was shallow, but it really isn't, I was fooling myself.  Looking good is not everything, however, it makes you feel a HELL of a lot better. And, when you feel better, you can DO anything you set your mind to!  I even put a little bit of eyeliner on before I go to work-out ;) (shh).  And, there is nothing sexier than putting your all into your exercising and kicking some butt.  Don't be afraid to sweat; I bet their are tons of men that like when women sweat during their workout.  Well guys, do you? 

I have mentioned before that my workout of choice is Muay Thai kickboxing.  I love it!  If I have a not so good day, which have been rare these days, I wait until I get there and channel negativity and my negative energy into every kick and punch, its a great stress reliever and an awesome motivational work-out, not to mention it helped me look more toned and feel great about myself.  It also makes the gym much easier :).  Channel your energy into something positive, find an exercise that makes you feel good, you will keep going back for more!   Don't be lazy, try!  There are so many different exercises; don't ever be embarrassed to try something new, you may love it.  Exercise makes us stronger - stronger mind, body, heart, and much more!  

All women are beautiful and strong; don't ever forget it.  No one can tell me different and shouldn't be able to tell you different either! 

Stay Determined!  Sweating is SEXY! 
DD xoxoxoxoxo

Take a look at these women fighters!  Enjoy!


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