Awesome Abs

Dedication, Desire, Drive, Determination

 Will, Willpower, Want

Awesome Abs

"If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it." ~ Brendan Francis
I asked everyone to choose a short term goal a couple of weeks ago.  My goal was to trim down belly fat and start to form abs.  In three more weeks, I will be halfway there and I already see a difference!  I don't expect to have abs just yet but I know I will as it is one of my long term fitness goals. How do we stick with goals?  By being accountable for them ~ writing them down, reporting progress and by having ~ dedication, desire, drive, determination, will, willpower and want.  Oh, and ME to MOTIVATE you!  
If you want something, you can achieve it.  Honest.  I desire sexy abs, and will have them.  I have done some research on some fun ab exercises because doing the same exercise over and over can become BORING and eventually will not help you with your goal.  

Dance :) - I love to dance. For every half hour, one can burn almost 200 calories. Dance around the house when you are cleaning or better yet have a ladies night out! (This one is my favorite!). 

Punch and Kick - Take up kickboxing!  It gives your abs a great workout!  

Walking - Walking helped me with my initial weight loss!  At least 30 minutes per day you will see weekly results! 

Try, Nordic Walking Sticks - This idea comes from Finland.  It works the upper and lower body, not to mention it is a great workout for your abs as well.

Use, an Exercise Ball - Yes, it's hard to balance at first, but practice makes perfect.  If you keep at it, you will be able to balance and do some awesome ab exercises.   
Ab Myth: If one does crunches and sit-ups everyday they can get sexy abs.  It is not only about exercise, its also about what you eat.  Don't expect to get abs if you eat fast food often.  Watch your diet and portion control.  According to Justin Leonard (2011), "Exercise alone does not define the abs. However, exercise may make the abs more prominent once the fat has been removed from around them as a result of nutrition modification."*

Stay Motivated & Determined!
~ Determined D. xo

What is your favorite alternative exercise? 

Happy Exercising! Keep Moving!

References: Leonard, J. (2011).  Ab Secrets.


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