Determined Diva's Topic of The Week

Happy Wednesday! 

Every Wednesday I am going to present the topic of the week via animated video.   This weeks topic is going to be: 

Cardio....What cardio work-out is most effective and why? 

Let's get the topic moving!  This will be an open discussion until next Tuesday! 

Hope you Enjoyed!  Stay Determined!  Please open disscusion by responded to this post via comments.  Thanks!  xo


  1. I need your help! Is the video working? Is it clear? Do you like it? Let me know. On my phone it opens perfectly and on the computer it is green and discolored.

  2. Dear Determined D,

    I can view the video just fine, it's cute! As to cardio excercise...I prefer elliptical training because I find it is easier on my joints and you can adjust the level of intensity easily to suit your individual needs. I find I work up a pretty good sweat and enjoy the simulated cross country workout the most.

  3. Hello,

    I am glad you liked the video :). I too agree with the elliptical vs the treadmill. I am all for walking outside also! I think you get a better work-out with outdoor walking because of the hills, etc.

    I appreciate your input! Anymore suggestions? Please respond by this evening :).

    Thank you,
    Determined D.

  4. Hey Determined Diva,

    Like the poster above I'm all about the elliptical. Cardio is my thing, and I get bored when I'm on the treadmill. But dare I say it, the elliptical is almost That's what's motivates me. If I'm not enjoying what I'm doing for my body, I'm not likely to continue.


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