Every Little Bit(e) Matters.....

"Fit people ~ don't celebrate with a hot-fudge sundae every time they lose a pound" - Anonymous

Every Little Bit(e) Matters

By Determined D.

OK, it's time to change my philosophy about eating a little bit.  I need to be a little bit harder on myself, and YOU. I still do not agree with the word "diet".  "Diets" don't work.  What works is watching every little bite you put into your body. Yes, every little bit of food. That's reality.  Are we allowed to eat birthday cake?  How about ice-cream?  And, cookies?  This all depends upon YOU.  Are you inclined to eat all of the cookies if you know that they are in your pantry?  Then NO!  You will never be able to fulfill your goal if you cannot stay away from the food items that you crave and desire.  Should you completely cut them out of your diet?  Yes, for now.  I also used to think it was okay to reward yourself with food, honestly, it's really not.  I found the ice-cream quote quite humorous because that is the first thing I think of when I lose some weight.  I say, "Hm, I did so good all week and it paid off, so I deserve __________!"  NO YOU DON'T.  Reward yourself in other ways, get a massage, buy a new shirt (in a smaller size), relax all day, get a pedicure, etc. I am very excited about this new way of thinking because it is going to help us lose some weight.  I sweat enough all week to look better...in a new pair of skinny jeans :).    
Think of your favorite "not so healthy" food and replace it with a healthy alternative.  I am going to start replacing my cookie and ice-cream cravings with a nice healthy protein shake in the evening after exercise.  Remember, protein keeps you satisfied longer.  Hey, it may even help me give up my weekly Friday "frozen" yogurt lunch kick.  At least drop it down to every other week :)? 

Also, always remember, the purpose of eating is to fuel our bodies with healthy items, to keep our energy going, not to satisfy our cravings.  And, yes I do expect to make mistakes, but we cannot dwell on the mistakes otherwise we are just going to make it harder to recover.  If you make a mistake - keep moving.  If you fall down, just get right back up and try harder.  Oh and believe me, I fell down, just last week in kick-boxing.   When you think you are hungry, ask yourself am I truly hungry?  Talk yourself out of reaching for the chips, cookies, or whatever it may be.  You will be happier in the long run.  Push yourself!  Make a commitment to yourself to lose weight and achieve a fit body.  Challenge yourself you will be surprised at what you can do! 

Now I need your help.  Any suggestions on which protein shakes are best?  
I may end the discussion portion of Got Fat? and replace it with a weekly poll?  Any suggestions?   

Stay Determined! xo

Have you motivated someone today???  I know I have.  Always be confident! #GotFat


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