Fall Workout Clothes

Fall Workout Clothes

"If you're happy, if you're feeling good, then nothing else matters." ~ Robin Wright Penn

This post is for my BFF - Danni (XOXOXO). 


When it comes to fashion, I am not your gal.  However, I do have my favorite looks and brands. I absolutely love what looks good and what is on sale, LOL.  My philosophy is, you can still wear brand name, however, wait for the sale.  My Best buddy wanted me to write about 'Fall Fashion' geared toward workout clothes, so here goes.   My favorite work-out gear is made by the following brands/labels ~ Victoria's Secret (PINK), Converse, Nike, & Under Armour. Generally, people are focused on the brand.  This Fall, I noticed Under Armour book bags for over $60.00, would I purchase a book bag for $60.00, YES only if I knew it was going to last.   I am also about what is comfortable.  In the Fall, what you wear depends upon what exercise or work-out you perform and the weather.  If you are going to be outside running or walking in the morning it can be cold/rainy, I would throw a hoodie over something that is cool underneath. If you are going to be indoors and sweating a lot, I would wear short sleeves, shorts, capri pants, etc. however, something warm when you are headed outdoors because you do not want to get sick from the drop in temperature.    

I love Nike, because they send a strong message ~JUST DO IT~.  I also like their 'Dry Fit' training shirts.  Not only do they look good on, they keep you 'dry'.  Yes, you do sweat, but it keeps you comfortable.  Champion and other brands make 'Dry Fit' and it is less expensive :).  Although I must say, Nike has some sexy capri style work-out pants that are approximately $25.00 (that's not too bad for brand-name pants).  Look for all new Nike fashions.  Their web-site is easy to navigate and you can sort them by gender, size etc.  Visit them at:  http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/

I love Victoria's Secret for obvious reasons ~sexy~angel~.  I recently took a trip to the mall to visit them and saw these absolutely adorable new Yoga pants.  They have adorable designs at the top of the pants that fold over. I would have purchased them, however, I felt that they were too expensive!!  Plus, VS is always having special sales, so I definitely plan to purchase them in the very near future.  VS also has adorable warm up suites that are very reasonably priced.  Check them out at: http://search2.victoriassecret.com/?q=yoga 

Converse has been around for ages.  They are known for their sneakers, however, I came across some adorable work-out shirts, where?!? at Marshall's.  Converse has an entire Fall collection displayed on their web-site.  You can even design your own sneakers! They also have some adorable hoodies! What really caught my eye and may just have to purchase are their AllStar Andover Boot.  Want Converse visit them directly! ~ http://www.converse.com/?CSID=44_kwid/#/home (Hint: They have some adorable Converse summer tees on sale, I purchased one :). 

Under Armour is Under Armour :), I think everyone owns something with their label.  I started liking them when my children were taking grappling and kickboxing a couple of years ago.  I love them because of their Cold & Hot gear technology and anything UA just looks great (to me).  The Hot/Cold technology keeps you warm when its cold outside and vice versa.   They also make waterproof items, pretty impressive. If I had to chose a favorite it would definitely be UA.   Under Armour is currently offering 'new customers' free shipping.  Please see their ad at the top of my BLOG. 

What is your favorite work-out fashion?  Please share. 

Remember...the harder you work-out...the better you feel....and the better you look...in your work-out gear ;).  Enjoy your week!  

Stay Determined!

This week's survey is going to be about your favorite work-out gear?  Please vote (Wednesday)!

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  1. Well thanks for putting today's blog up for me :) I really appreciate the tips and the locations on where to get the best deals. I think I might just head out to the mall soon and grab some new work-out gear. Thanks to your blog and inspirrations I have lost almost 30 lbs and not only do I feel better - this also means SHOPPING...for new SMALLER clothes! Stay motivated all..... One final tip from me - I recently purchases Reebok Zigtech sneakers. Not only do they come in cool colors, they are super comfy! Can't wait to get out there and pound some pavement in my new kicks! Your BFF

  2. Hi BFF!

    Can't wait for lunch tomorrow :). I will have to explore those Reebok sneakers! I love cute and cozy. I ordered a Converse shirt and can't wait for it to arrive. I am also going to order something from Nike. Both items are on sale.

    I am happy you are inspired from my BLOG. But, don't give me all of the credit! You are determined! Keep up the good work!

    We should go shopping for new work-out clothes together! It's important to look good!

    DD :)

  3. You ladies are so positive. How do you do it? Are you guys married? Have kids? Do you guys work? It is easy to say I'm positive than to act positive. You guys are the best!

  4. To Anonymous,

    I appreciate your kind words!

    All days are not easy. There are days that I do not want to work out, however, I drag myself and focus on my current results. In the end, it is always worth the PUSH! Positive is the only way to be :). I have been working out every week since the beginning of May. Do not allow yourself to slack or have an excuse. NO EXCUSES!

    For more information please visit my 'About Me' tab at the top of the page.

    Thank you for reading.

    Determined D.


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