Got Fat? Get Cardio!

What's your motivation?  "We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; They do not exist." ~ A.J.Balfour

Got Fat? Get Cardio!

What do you do for cardio?  I personally need to enhance my current cardio workout. I am slacking. I generally use the elliptical machine, but I am up for a challenge. Today, I am going to run/walk two miles.  I will let everyone know if I was able to run the full two miles :).  I am confident that I can, as I feel pretty strong. The key is focus. One should not focus on how hard the workout is, but the end result, the feeling of achievement. 
Why is cardio important?  Cardio has a plethora of benefits. 
  • Helps keep your heart healthy 
  • Reduces risk of heart attack
  • Helps burn fat for you to get that BEACH body
  • Helps acheive a sexy flat tummy
  • Helps build endurance
  • Helps muscle recovery
  • Improves metabolism
I was surprised to learn that some fitness experts recommend not to change your cardio workout as you need consistency.*   To me consistency is working out on a regular basis. Therefore, do whatever makes you feel good and generates results!  I get bored with the same routine so it is necessary for me to change every so often.  It is also important to be sure to exercise 'In the Zone'.* 'In the Zone' means working out according to what your target heart rate should be. Please see the reference article listed below to calculate your proper rate. 

Some fun and challenging cardio exercises include:
Run up stairs
Uphill sprinting
Swimming* (Clark, 2009). 

Today is the last day to take the survey (results coming tomorrow).  Please show your support and take my survey @  My goal pics are going to be posted soon!  Stay tuned.  Also, on Thursday, my second guest blog article may be published, the topic is children and self-esteem/confidence. 

Enjoy your day!
Have you exercised today?  Get to it! 

Determined D. 

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Clark, S. (2009).  10 Innovative & Fun Cardio Exercises for Outside.


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