Introducing Joi Hall An Inspiring Story of Conquering Disease with Nutrition

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The following is a true story written by Joi Hall for Got Fat? Get Motivated! 

In 2005 I noticed that all the weight I had lost from my previous pregnancy suddenly came back within 60 days. I cried every day leaving the gym after an hour workout because I just kept gaining weight.  I still wasn’t huge, but I went from a size 4 to a size 9 very rapidly and that’s heavy for my height and body structure.  I went up to a size 10 and was just miserable. In addition to the weight gain, my hair started breaking off and coming out in chunks, again I would stand in the shower crying because I couldn’t figure out why.  From 2006 to 2008 I was a complete wreck. I couldn’t function normally. My joints hurt, my eyes were blurry, my face was broken out, I was always cold, stressed, still having weight problems, and now I was unable to even wake up before the afternoon. Everyone including my doctor was telling me that all of this was in my head, and I was perfectly healthy.  Meanwhile I quietly felt like I was dying.

In 2008 a friend called. It was that phone call that changed my life. She was into herbs and natural healing remedies….and the first person who believed that whatever was wrong with me, was not in my head. I told her that I was so constipated that my stomach looked pregnant and that my body was just breaking down. She suggested that I immediately cleanse and go on a fruit and vegetable diet along with a strong detox.  I did the detox, changed my diet and miraculously felt much better.  

She called everyday to see how I was progressing and would give me different nutritional tips and things to research online. I was listening intently because what she was telling me made more sense than what the doctors were telling me. As I began researching natural benefits of vitamins, minerals, and the diseases that are caused from deficiencies, I realized how horrible my diet had been over the years and how important it was that I continued to introduce my body to wholefoods in order to heal without the use of medication.  The information I found was incredible. I never knew about wellness, nutrition, and homeopathic remedies until then.
Shortly after beginning this new journey, I started seeing a chiropractor because my back kept going out and the joints in my toes were locking up. He too was into natural remedies and was the first person to say that I might have a thyroid problem.  He recommended that I take my basil body temperature for a week to see if I was hypothyroid. Sure enough, my body was not going over 95 degrees. I was so happy to finally find out what was wrong and confirm that this was not in my head.  However, I was scared because I knew a few friends who were on lifetime medication and were never stabilized.  I began researching the cause of thyroid problems from holistic articles and I found out that its nothing more than a vitamin and mineral deficiency regardless of hypo or hyper thyroid conditions, and that many people had been cured from simply changing their nutritional habits.

The information, lifestyle change, and nutrition has changed my health and saved my life. I now believe that counting calories and working out can never help you sustain a quality of life without the missing component to overall wellness: Proper Nutrition.  Without it, I would be on medication and probably suffering like millions of others who suffer knowingly and unknowingly from this serious condition.

About Joi Hall

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Thank You,

Joi Hall
Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Promoter

Hope you enjoyed Joi's story, I myself, am reviewing the materials for the 90-day challenge.  Joi looks great!  Please visit her website for any questions or more information.  ~ Determined Diva

Please note: That the material written above is not necessarily supported by Got Fat? Get Motivated! Nor should this information be utilized in place of professional medical advice. 


  1. Wow, what a story! I love what Visalus has done for you! I must agree that Visalus continues to change lives daily. I'm not necessarily in bad health or over weight, but LOVE their products because I'm am health conscious about what I put in my body. I believe our bodies deserve the best. I mean lets face it, if our bodies were to shut down at this moment, how would we ever function in our day to day living; work, kids, hobbies, functions, etc. I not only love their products, but love how it's changed my life financially. In 7 weeks, Visalus has brought my family and me an extra income of 1-3k a month and have also qualified for a $600 a month car allowance for a BMW! I totally believe in their culture; Life, Health, Prosperity, & Community! Thank you Joi for your story! It's stories like yours that make Visalus all worth it! God Bless!

  2. Great story, I'm inspired by Joi and have been hearing a lot about Visalus and love too start these 90 day challenge, If I can lose weight and make some extra money.... LIFE IS GOOOD!



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