Make Everyday A Fitness Day

"Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. Most of all, other people can’t stop you. Only you can stop you.” – J. Gitomer

Make Everyday A Fitness Day 
By Determined D.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  This will be my last post of the week and then I will be back on Tuesday and ready to get down to business.  Although I am pretty happy with my body and the way my clothes fit I am still slightly overweight for my height. And, I really want to get rid of all the fat on my body.  I am very motivated for exercise and thought I knew how to eat properly but I believe it is time to make some changes! 

So, let's make EVERYDAY a fitness and health conscious day.  Who is with me???  I am going to share my goals, eating habits, and fitness routine with everyone and I ask that people also share with me so we can do this together. 

I truly believe in the quote regarding obstacles (as above). There is no obstacle or problem that is going to stand in between me an my weight loss and happiness. So cookies are not going to get in my way, time isn't going to get in my way, excuses aren't going to get in my, lazziness is not going to get in my way, pain is not going to get in my way - Let's GO!  No Excuses!   

One big change I know that I have to make is eating.  I know what to eat but I cannot seem to shake the cravings.  I will do awesome one day, and then the next I will eat tons of cookies or junk.  Therefore, I am going to break the habit by drinking water everytime I think I want a cookie (how is that for hydration :D)?  I am also going to stick to portion control.  Then I am going to follow it up with a reward, such as a new outfit, pedicure, massage, a trip to get the smallest size frozen yogurt etc.  The reward will be given based upon how much I lose each week.  No weight loss, no treat!     

Let's make everyday a fitness day!  How?  By incorporating some type of healthy activity (walking, running, cardio, areobics, kickboxing, dance) into our routine of daily living.  I am going to start my adding walking and dance into my routine, I have been slacking on my walking.  I do walk my dog twice a day, however, I don't walk as far as I used to.  I am going to start using the treadmill at least for 30 mins.  However, let's start slow.  The days that I go to kickboxing, I am not going to go on the treadmill and the days I do not have class, I am going on the treadmill.  By doing this, I will be exercising everyday.  What are you going to do? I want to hear your thoughts and ideas! 

Enjoy your long weekend with people who mean the most - and don't eat too much and most importantly don't forget to exercise (even if it is for 30 mins)!  Tuesday I mean business. 

Stay Determined!
Determined D. 

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