Move Your Ass Monday!

"Believe in something big. Your life is worth a noble motive" - Walter Anderson
MYA Monday
by Determined Diva

Hope everyone had a special 09/11 - Sunday!  I did!  I got to see old High School friends and they all look so great!  Last week I did amazing with my workout, I will go into further detail about what I did tomorrow via the "My Goals" tab. 

Today, is MYA Monday.  Why?  Why not?  Everyone needs that extra boost on a Monday, I know I do.  Do something you have been putting off for weeks or months!  No Excuses, no whining, no 'selectively' forgetting about it - JUST, DO IT!  It takes more time to procrastinate and make up excuses then complete the task at hand, trust me, I know!  So, take my advice and "Move your a**"  I am even considering looking for a MYA shirt! 

Now how are you going to MYA?  

1) Drag your a** to the gym or your weekly exercise activity.  Even if you go to the gym and start off slow, at least you went.  Making exercise a routine will keep bringing you back for more!  On the way, listen to your favorite music - you will be pumped! 

2) Drink OJ!  Last week when working out I started to feel sick, shaky, felt like I was going to pass out, etc.  On the way home I stopped for OJ, I felt so much better!  OJ is my cup of coffee, in the am, it makes me feel energized.  According to Women's Health Magazine, "A six-ounce glass of 100 percent juice (that means no added sugar) every day reduces your risk of stroke by up to 20 percent".*

3)  Breakfast have a nutritional breakfast with lots of protein!  This will help you make it through your exercise routine. Eggs are okay to eat, yolks and all. Women's Health Magazine reports, "6 eggs per week are OK".*   When I have eggs, I generally use one egg white mixed with one regular egg. 

4)  Take a shower!  Yes, this helps.  I know you are probably thinking why?  I could be extremely tired, taking a shower miraculously wakes me up and I am ready to work-out! 

5)  Don't just think you can do it… now you can!  It's all about mind-set, picture yourself doing it!  Practice makes perfect. Challenge yourself, if you fail, it's okay, keep trying! Dream, Believe, Achieve! 

Be sure to visit here for 101 things you Can Do for Your Body NOW!

Now, get your a** in gear and report back your progress! 

Stay Determined!   
Determined D. 

On the horizon, another guest blog article about an empowering story coming soon, writing another guest blog article (children and self-esteem), being interviewed by a fellow blogger, and possibly getting a make-up makeover (so excited)!  I like to keep busy! 

Please check out the cardio topic of the week and Review me!  Thanks :).   

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References:  Reich, J. B. and Chiodoni, L.  (2010).  Healthy Choices: the 101 Best Things to Do For Your Body Now! Women's Health Magazine:


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