My Son's Fitness Goal & Aspiration by Determined D.

"Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration." ~
Stephen Samuel Wise 

My Son is An Aspiring American Ninja Warrior 

Today's post is dedicated to my little Ninja Warrior, my son Gianni xo. 

I believe my motivation has been rubbing off onto my son, which is a positive notion.  Makes me extremely happy.  For the past several weeks my son, has been going into our backyard and making his own obstacle courses as he insists he is going to be on the show Ninja Warrior - I love it!  He has been climbing on top of our swing-set, making balance beams, swinging from the monkey bars, and running all over the yard. 

Ninja Warrior can be seen on G4TV.  It is an intense obstacle course where athletes from all over the world (wrestlers, Olympic athletes, + more)  compete for the title of American Ninja Warrior.  It takes intense training, agility, strength, endurance, dedication, and determination.  At the age of 8, he has a vision, a goal, and an aspiration, pretty impressive!  I encourage him to reach for the stars.   

So how does one train for such an event? Most importantly you have to be conditioned and extremely fit. Also,  make goals for each specific part of the obstacle course.  During my research I came across some excellent suggestions from a web/blog site called 'Healthy Habits' the entry was titled 'How to Build A Ninja Warrior'.*  The author helped a fellow blogger design a full training schedule based upon the similarities of Ninja Warrior winners. Two of my favorite similarities are ***NO FEAR & EXPLOSIVE SPEED***.  (See link below for the full training schedule). 

Did you know? That only 3 of over 2,000 contestants made it through all stages of NW obstacle course.*

Do you have what it takes?  HELL yeah ;)!  Ladies you can be a Ninja Warrior too - they have the Women of Ninja!  I am not quite sure if the ladies compete with the men?  I don't believe so.   

Enjoy your weekend. 

Determind D. XOXO

Coming Next Week:  Guest Blog Article, Fall Work-out Fashion, Cardio Work-outs, New Survey/Survey Results! 

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