Self-Control, Willpower, and Confidence

"Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons." -Unknown

Self-control, Willpower, & Confidence
by Determined D.

Good Morning. I am slightly disappointed today, but I am not going to let it bother me, I am ready to take action.  Everyone is disappointed from time to time, what matters is how you chose to handle your disappointment.  You can sit and sulk or you can take action!  Why am I disappointed?  I haven't weighed myself in awhile and this morning when I stepped on the scale I was disappointed. I am in no way disappointed with my physical appearance because I fit in a size that I haven't fit in, in years, but I am in no way happy with the number on the scale.  I thought I was 7 pounds lighter.  Today's post is dedicated to change and how self-control, willpower, and confidence is going to help me (you too) with my weight loss goals and ideal healthy weight.

Change comes at a perfect time because I have already set my new short-term goal of losing belly fat.  What has to come next is conquering two of my biggest weaknesses - my SWEET tooth and food cravings.  I want you to join me in writing down your biggest weakness, as well.  Please share with me your weakness and how you plan to conquer it.  I know myself best, I usually wind up talking myself into eating something I am not supposed to have by saying, "I am only going to have one, or half".  Well one cookie turns into several.  I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wasn't going to buy cookies.  Now I find myself at the refrigerator or cabinet pouting and saying what am I going to eat now? I eat the next worst thing, a bowl or two of cereal.  Sometimes I am not even hungry. 

I believe that if I brush up on my confidence, self-control and willpower, I WILL be successful, I WILL stick to my exercise routine, I WILL eat healthy, I WILL conquer cravings. Keyword being, WILL.   Willpower is self-control and vice versa self-control is willpower.  You have to be confident in making the correct decision between the cookie or the fruit.  I truly love the definition MW gives us on on willpower ~ energetic determination*.  Knowing you have the confidence to chose what you want ~ the fruit :D. 
How do we put it into practice?  I did some research this morning and came across a great article from WebMD.  13 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings.  Some of my favorite tips are:

  • Walk away!   I can't tell you how many times I have walked away from the refrigerator in the past couple days and I am going to keep on walking!
  • Read Labels!  Stay away from foods that contain corn syrup and high sugar content. 
  • DO NOT starve yourself or skip meals - Eating regularly helps boost your metabolism.
  • Get Support - At times we need that extra boost, your doing great, good job, way to go!  I can support you that is why I am here! Visit me often!  I promise you will not be disappointed! 
For the full WebMD article: 13 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings click here:

I also recommend this great read on willpower from the NY Times - 

I am happy to announce that I am presenting an empowering story tomorrow from an awesome woman who overcame thyroid disease medicine free!  Be sure to check in tomorrow! 

Stay Determined!  
Determined Diva xoxo

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Research your heart out! Knowledge is power, if you want to find something out 'research it'.


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