"No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap."  ~Carrie Snow
TGIF!  Hello.  I had a very busy day today, cleaning and just getting things done.  I just want to lay down for the rest of the day and relax (yawn); but I cannot.  I can, however, take a little nap to catch some energy.  Everyone has their good and bad days, being a little tired however, shouldn't stop you from your exercise.   Take a little nap and then get going.  Be sure however, to get plenty of rest at night.  Sleep deprivation isn't pleasant.  Nowadays we have no time to do everything we would like to do, sometimes we need to take a break and relax.  Don't over schedule yourself, I often have this problem.  Make a list of the things you want to do and see if you have the "time" to complete all of them.  Pace yourself. 

A long while ago I read an article about athletes and an event that took place over the course of a couple days.  I do not quite remember the event but I do remember the individuals not being able to sleep very much.   Their trainers, would not allow them to look at any clocks throughout the day.  When they became tired, they were able to take 20 minute power naps.  Keep in mind that they weren't allowed to look at clocks or time their naps.  It was reported that they felt refreshed and energized, so much so, that they were able to perform well.  I think this is amazing.  I don't recommend trying this for a long period of time, but I do feel that it is proof that power naps work. 

Some things that I personally do to "wake" myself up are:
  • Take a shower before exercise.  A shower always makes me feel awake.  Just something about the water. 
  • Wash your face with cold water.
  • Get some air.  Take a walk at lunch time.  I love to feel the breeze on my face. You can also open the car window on the way to exercise.   
  • Listen to music.  Music motivates the mind and body.  It always makes me want to dance and sing.  ;).
  • Stretchhhhhhhh.  It feels good. 
  • Exercise (this is my favorite).  While you may be tired, not only will you feel awake, you will feel energized, and happy you are one step closer to your goals! 
I came across this helpful article, it's focus is 'waking up refreshed'.  It has some excellent tips ;).  Click on this link for the full article details:

Now, you have 'No Excuses' not to Exercise.  Get to it!

Enjoy your weekend!
Determined D. xoxo

Oh & Sweet Dreams ;). 

Can't wait to write again on Monday!


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