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Hello. I am extremely happy to share with everyone that I have been networking with other writers, bloggers, and those who are into fitness.  I wrote a special article for Melina Druga, freelance writer, editor, and blogger.  She has a special blog - P.O.V. ~ an open editorial that speaks about current events, parenting issues, womens issues and much more.  Please visit her site, it is amazing. 

My article was published today.  Direct link to article:  http://www.povblog.net/2011/09/it-doesnt-have-to-hurt.html

It Doesn't Have to Hurt by Dana Arevalo
With a new school year upon us, I have been observing all of the anti-bullying messages through posters, articles, and social media. They are very touching and personal to me as I was bullied for several years from junior high throughout the end of high school.   I felt alone, tortured, abnormal, ugly, stupid, embarrassed and didn't even want to set foot in school.   I had no idea how to handle the situation; it truly affected my ability to do well in school and attend college.
When I went to school, bullying was not observed as a major issue.  Your parents and teachers would tell you to fight back, tell a teacher, make fun of the bully and possibly ignore the bully. I tried all of the above without success.  How could I ignore them when I didn't feel good about myself? The more I paid attention the more I was harassed.   Also, teachers had no effect in ending bullying either.
Today, youth are committing suicide, intentionally hurting themselves and turning to drugs and alcohol at an alarming rate due to bullying. The issue is frightening and widespread. Nowadays bullying is not only committed in school, its done through social media, also known as cyber bullying. One cruel message can be sent to thousands of people within minutes. According to Drs. Klomek, Sourander, and Gould (2011), "Bullying is recognized as a major public health problem in the Western world, and it appears to have devastating consequences".   We have seen too many headlines of teens committing suicide as a result of being bullied.   As parents, educators, leaders, family, friends, what can we do?
Bullying cannot simply be "brushed" off or ignored.   Remember, just because someone is smiling on the outside doesn't mean they are not hurting on the inside.
· We must reach out to those in pain and encourage them to speak out.
· We must teach our children not to BULLY others and help those who are in need.
· We must develop anti-bullying policies for schools and places where children visit the most. Those whom don't follow these rules should have major consequences.
· We must build our children's self-esteem and confidence. Teach them how to believe in themselves and their ideas. Everyone is unique, that is what makes them beautiful.
· We must teach our children how to defend themselves in a positive manner.
Teach someone today to believe in themselves and that they no longer have to hurt. You can truly save someone's life.
References: PhD, Klomek, A. B, MD, Sourander, A. and PhD Gould, M.S. (2011, Feb). Bullying and Suicide: Detection and Intervention. Psychiatric Times http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/suicide/content/article/10168/1795797
Dana Arevalo truly loves blogging, writing, reading, and learning new things. When she was in grade-school she longed to become a writer. Professionally she holds a BS in Psychology and a MBA from UMUC. She aspires to become an adjunct professor and write a novel. Bullying is an issue close to her heart as she experienced it first-hand. She lives in NJ and has school aged children whom she teaches to "always believe in themselves" and "never judge others". Dana believes, "Blogging allows me to freely express my feelings in detail without judgment".

I would love your feedback!  Please share with those going through a similiar issues.  Never lose hope.   

With lots of love,
Determined Diva xo

If you truly want something never give up. 

I am available for network opportunities and to write freelance articles, please email me directly at danaarev@gmail.com so that we can discuss. 


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