Time for a Change: An Alternative Exercise that Sounds Fun & Exciting

Time for Change: An Alternative Exercise that Sounds Fun & Exciting
by Determined D.


Happy Monday!  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend :).  This week for the majority of the week I will discuss "alternative" exercising.  Everyone requires a change in their workout to address different muscles.  Your body requires the challenge.   I am always looking for FUN things to do, Enjoy!   

I had lunch last week with an old friend from High School.  She takes good care of herself and looks healthy and fit (Hi Dawn).  She lives in the city and started doing an exercise called "Kangoo".  I never heard of it until she brought it to my attention and it sounds like so much FUN!  She said, "It involves hopping, similar to a kangaroo".  When participating in Kangoo, one must wear special boots/shoes that look similar to rollar blades.   I did some further research and I definitely want to try this exercise.  If you are truly into fitness, you can even go on a "kangoo" date in Central Park  (sounds romantic).   

I researched this exercise and found that Kangoo is considered "jumping for health" and can reduce tremendous amounts of stress.  In fact, Dr. Morton Walker described, "There are 30 specific anti-stress benefits"*. There are also a wealth of health benefits associated with this exercise such as: joint protection (kangoo vs. running), weight loss & muscle tone,  helps correct posture and the list goes on.  Participating in Kangoo produces a "euphoric" state and is said to make you feel like a kid again.  It sounds as if Kangoo might be worth a try!  Kangoo shoes have actually been around since the 80s for rehabilitation purposes.  It is considered a cardiovascular exercise that can be done both indoors and out.  Who wants to try it with me? 

Let me know about your alternative exercise.....post here or email me at danaarev@gmail.com !   
Stay Determined! 
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