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Weekly Wednesday Survey 
by Determined D.

Happy Wednesday!  I received a great response from my weekly survey, therefore I decided to have a weekly survey rather than a weekly discussion topic.  Please feel free, however, to discuss any topic with me at anytime!  This weeks survey is based upon Monday's post ~ Fall Work-out fashion.  My favorite brand name is obvious ~ Under Armour.  I want to know yours :). 

What is your favorite brand name exercise line? 

Please click the link to take the survey. 

Last weeks results:

1)  How physically healthy are you? 

25% reported very healthy
58.3% reported moderately healthy
8.3% reported slightly healthy*
8.3% not healthy at all*

*Those who do not feel that they are healthy or only slightly healthy must start changing their habits to improve their health - No excuses!  Start walking! 

2)  Do you take nutritional supplements? 

91.7% reported YES
8.3% reported NO

Majority rules :)!  Was extremely happy with this response, it is necessary to replace the nutrients that we lose on a daily basis, supplements help with this process. 

3)  How important is exercise to you?

25% reported extremely important
25% reported very important
33.3% moderately important
16.7% slightly important

Not very happy with these results.  Exercise is essential and should be a part of your daily routine. I believe it should be extremely to very important. Get to It! 

4)  What do you do most often for exercise? 

Lift weights 9.1%
Walk 72.7%* 
Run 9.1%
Aerobics 9.1%
Other Exercises Reported:  Kickboxing, Elliptical Training, Power-Walking/Jogging 

*It is great to see the diverse range of activities.  My suggestion is walking, I have always favored that as a great way to kick-start weight loss.  It's simple and you will never get tired, especially if you walk outdoors. 

5)  Do you feel you get too much exercise, too little exercise, or just the right amount?

About the right amount 25%
Slightly too little 50%
Much to little 25%

We all have to start somewhere.  The slightly too little has to turn into slightly too much :).  Challenge yourself, in the end you will be proud of yourself! 

I truly appreciate everyone!  Thank you for your participation!  Vote this week! 

I am in the process of trying to determine how to embed the actual survey within my post.  If someone knows how or can help, please email me at danaarev@gmail.com

Yesterday, I ran/walked 2 miles.  It was great.  Challenging but great.  My shins however, are killing me.  Any suggestions?  I plan to do a post next week on shins :). 

Stay Determined! 

Determined D. xo

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