10/19/11 Survey Topic of the Week ~ How Much Do you Really Know about Fast-Food?

"We think fast food is equivalent to pornography, nutritionally speaking." S. Elbert
How Much Do you Really Know about Fast-Food?

I thought it would be FUN and an eye-opening experience if we discussed some fast-food choices.  While fast-foods are often tempting and you may think its your only option as a quick meal it does more harm than good.  I used to eat fast-food at least once per week because I am always on the go with my children and its so simple just to pull in the drive-thru and poof have your order in two minutes or less. Pretty soon those trips will turn into unwanted pounds.  You can either go cold turkey or start eliminating the foods slowly.   For example, do not order the huge value meal with soda.  If I take the kids to a fast-food restaurant, I will order salad with a low-fat dressing or just a small size hamburger with no fries.  Now for the survey:

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And, NOW the results: Do you find muscles on a woman sexy? 

Hell Yeah! ~ 44.4% 
Maybe ~ 55.6%

I personally feel that they are very sexy - not huge bulky muscles, toned and defined muscles:


I appreciate everyones feedback and partcipation in the survey!  Please don't forget to take this weeks survey!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Get Fit!  Stay Determined!

Determined D.  xo


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