Alternative Exercising ~ Pole Dancing

"Commit to be fit." ~Author Unknown
Alternative Exercising ~ Pole Dancing 

You asked for I researched it!  A couple of weeks ago I added a 'Submit A Topic' tab on the site and someone asked:   

I would like to read about pole dancing for fitness.  How many calories can you burn while pole dancing, and what muscles does it target?

Pole dancing has become a popular workout activity and not only used in strip clubs.  Pole dancing is so widely recognized as an exercise that it has become a part of the Olympics in some countries and is considered a sport backed by the 'Pole Dance Federation' which actually holds contests.  I honestly did not know that this activity was an actual 'sport', I knew that pole dancing studios existed but I did not know how serious some women take this activity.  I am all for it!  Women can even have pole dancing parties ~ No Men Allowed!   

Pole dancing gives women a tremendous cardio workout, it also targets most of the muscles in the body allowing women to lose weight, get toned, strong, and flexible.  Some believe it is better than weight lifting as you lift your entire body weight onto the pole into these amazing positions. Sounds very intense and strenous.  Many report results with this exercise!  Review the following link for an inspiring story of a nurse who opened up a pole dancing studio:

Last but not least, how many calories are burned during this activity? I cannot give you an exact amount because it depends upon the individuals body weight, activity level etc.  But according to PolelooZa approximately 250 to 400 calories...all depends upon the intensity of the class. 

Ladies!  Get your stilettos READY, if you Dare!


  1. We have a Pole dancing workout studio in our city! I have always wanted to try it, sounds like a good girls night out thing, too!


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