Damn Desserts

"Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Coincidence?  I think not!" ~Author Unknown

Damn Desserts

I decided to challenge myself with NO desserts!  Why?!? Let's just say, every time I am stressed (which is quite often), I crave cookies, chocolate,  and ice-cream. Everything that is bad for me.  I find it quite ironic that STRESSED......and DESSERTS have a lot in common.  Just last evening my daughter decided to tell me about a Math test that she was having today!  Hmmm, I was very stressed because here we were on a Sunday evening and she could have been studying since Friday evening.  Once the children were in bed, I made a trip the refrigerator to see what I could snack on. Luckily, I have a NO dessert buddy whom I texted ;).  I was able to grab yogurt instead!  

Why do you think we CRAVE DESSERTS? My theory is because we always want what we shouldn't or cannot have.  Desserts are so tempting and often addicting because we think that they taste so good and we want more and more "Damn Desserts".  However, if we re-train our mind NOT to want them and to crave something much more healthy we will be on the right track.  It will just take some willpower, dedication, determination, confidence and a "We Can Do It" attitude.  It also helps to set a goal.  If we do not have a goal or incentive in mind we may decide to grab those cookies or eat that ice-cream.  If we stop and think, "Hey, I don't need the cookies because I am planning to fit into size 3 jeans (big exaggeration) by January, we are more likely to grab a fruit instead of a damn dessert".  It works, I have tried it.  Eventually the craving will go away. 

I used to be a chocolate freak.  I had to have chocolate everyday after lunch.  Not only is it bad for your teeth, it contains empty calories that have no nutritional value.  I no longer crave chocolate after lunch :)!  It is all about mindset.  Before you indulge, stop and think, "Do I really need to eat this?". 

Desserts are bad because.....

1)  They have NO nutritional value
2)  They add unwanted fat to our bodies...I hate rolls and cellulite! 
3)  They contain too much sugar, why desserts may wake you up for a little while, you will eventually crash and burn in the long run. 
4)  They are addicting...they say chocolate is an aphrodisiac......hmm.   

Can you think of reasons, "why", desserts are bad?  Please contribute! 

OK, so I couldn't band the damn desserts all together.  In researching, why? desserts are so bad, I came across this article for those of you who cannot behave. http://summertomato.com/how-to-eat-dessert-and-still-stay-skinny.  I, myself, cannot afford not to behave, because I am not skinny.  So once I get there, I may allow myself a dessert, to share, every now and again.  One final suggestion, if you do eat a dessert, do not beat yourself up over it too much because you will just continue to eat more and more.  Just tell yourself it is okay and that you will not give in next time! 

Dessert Free Zone :). Don't buy desserts ~ out of sight, out of mind!  Stay away from those DAMN DESSERTS!   

Enjoy your Monday!

~Determined Diva 

Upcoming topic for next week....aphrodisiac foods to stay away from :).
References/Good Articles to read: http://summertomato.com/how-to-eat-dessert-and-still-stay-skinny/
7 Desserts You Shouldn't Be Eating.... http://www.askmen.com/sports/foodcourt_150/152_eating_well.html


  1. Way to go Diva!!!! That "No Dessert" buddy sounds like a badass ;)

  2. Hi!

    Yes, she is an awesome example and has a tremendous amount of willpower.

    She is a BADASS ;).

    ~ Determined D.


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