Determined D. "Presents" Rachel P. Two Boys and A Lady!

Determined D. "Presents"  Rachel P. of Two Boys and A Lady! 


Welcome Rachel Pisano!  Rachel comes to us from Sunny Southern CA (wish I were there now) and has an awesome website where she talks about life from a motherhood perspective.  I personally started following her site because she offered great advice on how to be a mom but still look and feel "sexy"!  Her site also offers great advice on makeup, skincare, fashion plus more!  I had to find out more so I interviewed her! Enjoy! I definitely recommend following her she will teach you how to "strut your stuff"! 

1)  In reading the bio on your BLOG, I realized that you went from a two-person income to a one-person income.  How does it feel to be a stay-at-home mom, as opposed to a working mom?
Being a stay at home mom has its pros and cons as any job would, and yes, I definitely consider it a job. I have been stay at home since my son was born, so I don’t really have experience being a working mom, that being said, I have the highest respect for moms that work in and out of the home. Not only are you juggling a career, but when you come home, you have a second shift—another job which hours never end.
2)  What or who inspired you to do your BLOG? 
I have always been a writer, I studied Journalism and always had a love for the written word. In the Spring, I began freelance writing for, my city’s local online newsletter. It felt good to do something just for myself that stirred brain cells that had been dormant since the birth of my child. I then wanted to write more about where we go as a family and what I do as a mom and a wife. It turned into a cathartic outlet.
3)  Tell us a little bit more about your BLOG. 
Well, lets face it, the economy sucks. No matter where you are socio-economically, you have been affected. Our household has been too, thankfully my husband has a job and we have our house and basic needs, things like entertainment, beauty, and fashion had to be cut. 
I became resourceful and started doing my own hair color, nails, waxing, thinking of fun, affordable family day trips, etc.  I figured everyone else can do this, too, regardless of your income; it can never hurt to be frugal. That is why my blog focuses on food, fun, fashion and beauty on a budget. So, I try to highlight that sharing my experiences. I’m a newbie so we are still small, although I did just buy my domain! Yipee!
4) When it comes to skin care which product name do you prefer the most?  Also, do you believe women should adjust according to their age? 
I’m a huge fan of Olay, simple, easy, affordable and a quality product.

Age is just a number to me, so I recommended using a skin regimen according to your skin’s needs. I am also a firm believer in prevention; it is never too early or too late to start. The best thing you can do for your skin is wash nightly and an all day moisturizer with SPF.
5)  I too believe that just because someone is a mom doesn't mean they can't be SEXY ~ get their hair done, nails done, wear cute outfits, go for massages, etc.  What are your feelings on how to become a "sexy" mom. 
Amen, girl! It’s true. It’s not about being sexy for someone or to be that “milf.” It is about being confident in your own skin and doing whatever you need to do extra to help boost that confidence.
Find little things that make you feel confident and stick to maintaining that weekly or as often as you need.  Let me give a small list of examples that can help you hone in on your inner Diva. As simple as they sound- they work wonders:
A fresh, matching manicure and pedicure - buy a new bottle of quick dry polish and spend a few minutes painting your nails and toes.  Change this once a week or more.  You'll always feel polished, in more ways than one! 

Shave your legs!- We all know it is a hassle and a pain in the bum, but if you convict yourself to do it every single time you are in the shower, it just adds to the inner sexy.

Wear matching bra and undies- this is the ultimate confidence booster because only youknow! Something about wearing a cute matching set will boost your confidence. It is pretty simple to find an affordable set, I like H&M, Target and even Walmart. It doesn’t matter where you get it, the name brand as long as it give you the inner confidence you need to strut your stuff.

If you can commit to either one of these or all, I promise you will feel like you can take over the world. Ok, maybe not the entire world, but YOUR world—and that’s all that really matters, anyway.

6)  What do you do for exercise?

I’m a runner. I like to run. It’s been so hot lately (Southern California) that I cannot wait for fall weather so I can run outside. Lately I have been using our clubhouse gym. Also, my son is a huge cardio work out, we dance, run around and I even use him as resistance while we are just playing.
7)  What shoes do you prefer?  Sexy high heels, comfy slippers, or sandals? Please pick one.  ;). 
One???? I love, love, love high heels. The higher the better. My closet is full of the cutest, hottest heels.  That being said, you’ll probably always find me in flip flops or Ugg boots in the winter.  

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