Determined D's Topics for Week of October 17th

"Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It's much sexier than any body part" Aimee Mullins

Determined Diva's Topics
Week of 10/17/11

I am only human and what makes me strong is that I am able to admit my faults...this week I am allowed to beat myself up a little bit for being completely horrible about my exercise routine and eating!  The week started off great...I ran on Sunday, I had an awesome workout on Tuesday, and then I fell off my path. Well today is Saturday and I am not going to let the week equal a bad weekend!  I have "confidence" and that is what makes me "sexy" and "determined". I cannot dwell on my mistakes for the past week so after admitting my faults, I am moving forward and will kick ass this weekend and next week!  With that being said I have planned the following topics:

Monday ~ Curse those Damn Desserts! 
Tuesday ~ How To make some Extra "dollars" in your spare time.
Wednesday ~ Weekly survey results and new survey questions...have some ideas for this weeks survey reply here! 
Thursday ~ Guest Bloggers!
Friday ~ How to Feel "Sexy"!

Looking forward to providing you with my advice next week :).

Enjoy your Weekend! 
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