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"The news doesn't come much better than this" ~ Jim Bianco
Extra...'In the News'....Extra
by Determined D

Happy Friday. If you haven't noticed, I have been a little "off-track" this week. I am generally able to blog almost everyday, I missed Tuesday ((sad face)), and I decided to change my Friday topic to 'In the News'.  I came across some interesting articles related to some of my topics of interest, such as, 'pole dancing', 'desserts', and 'inspiration'.  Be prepared to shed a tear, in a happy way, as my inspirational story is regarding a mothers LOVE for her child.

In a previous post, I was amazed to find out that pole dancing has become a sport and not just for male entertainment.  In fact, some countries have added pole dancing to their Olympic game line-up.  Who would have thought pole dancing would get so much positive attention?  Women are even using 'classical music' to show their moves!  Way to go LADIES! It builds strength and gives you a tremendous work-out!   

I thought the following article was a perfect addition to the topic of pole dancing and how women are fighting for it to become a true recognized sport! 

This week I also discussed why one should steer clear of DESSERTS.  I didn't want to take all the fun out of desserts, so I searched for some yummy  healthy desserts.  Hope you enjoy!  Keep in mind, it is all about mindset, a yummy healthy salad or a bowl of fruit salad can taste just as good as your favorite cookie or dessert. 

Finally, I came across this truly heartbreaking yet inspirational story of a mothers love for her 'unborn' child, and had to share.  At times women are faced with the tough decision of  risking their health and possible death over ending their pregnancy.  It is a very scary thought but a genuine act of selfless love, courage, and strength when they chose to welcome their baby into the world rather than treat themselves.  The following video is in memory of , Stacie Crimm, a true angel who chose to welcome her baby into the world. Stacie died a few days after delivery. Grab a tissue.      

Hope everyone has a fab weekend....I promise I will write my two entries ~ How to make extra dollars and how to feel sexy...next week. xo.

Stay Determined! 
Determined D.

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