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In The News

Hello.  Hope everyone is well.  I enjoy writing "In the News" because I look for health-related and inspirational articles.   I also like to make people aware of news and information that may be useful or helpful to them. This week I found a few interesting articles.  I hope you find this edition of 'In the News' beneficial.

Colon (Colorectal) Cancer  ~ A health related study of 'aspirin' finds that the benefits of taking one aspirin a day doesn't only help prevent heart attacks, it is also said to help prevent colon cancer.  Colon cancer is extremely prevalent in the United States today, making it the third most common cancer in both men and women.  Can it be prevented?  YES, if detected in a timely manner.  It is recommended that both men and women begin preventative screenings with a doctor at the age of 50.  For more data on colon cancer and how important it is to be screened, click here - Colon Cancer

On a positive note, aspirin may be able to prevent colorectal cancer in individuals who are at risk for inheriting the disease.  The study was conducted on patients with Lynch syndrome.   Lynch syndrome is an "inherited" condition that highly increases the risk of someone getting colon cancer. Lynch syndrome is not common, 1 in 1,000 people may acquire the syndrome.   According to Yahoo News, The Lancet reported (2011), "Long-term, daily doses of aspirin led to a fall of some 60 percent in cases of colorectal cancer among people with an inherited risk of this disease." (pg. 1).  I believe these numbers make taking aspirin on a daily basis worth it!  Click here for the full article Take A Daily Aspirin.

Weight Loss ~ The next story is truly inspirational for those that are determined to lose weight!  I still remain extremely determined to continue my weight loss journey, I just need an extra push every once in awhile. This story proves that weight loss is possible!  The woman in the following article lost a significant amount of weight and became Miss South Carolina.  Furthermore, she will be competing in the Miss America pageant in January 2012.  Her goal is to motivate others struggling with weight loss.  She was extremely overweight during high school and while she always had a shining personality, she gave up hope where physical fitness was concerned.  Today, her goal is to motivate others. Bree Boyce's (2011) mantra is, "If you have a dream, go for it. Don't let others' perceptions hold you back." (Park, CNN).  Click here to review the entire story of this Beauty Queen.   

Hot Bodies ~ For a little fun and some motivation, I came across Hollywood's hottest bodies.  If they can DO IT, so can we!  View the gallery here:  Hollywood's Hottest Bodies.  Do you agree with these picks?  Start a discussion!

Thank you for tuning in :).

Stay Determined,
Determined D. xo
References:  (2011, October).  Aspirins 'slashes hereditary bowel cancer rate'. Yahoo, News!

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Disclosure:  This entry is merely the opinion of the author.  The advice herewith should not be used in place of a medical professionals instructions.  The author will not be held liable for any decisions related to this article.  Nor does the author support the referenced articles' advice.  The author's sole purpose is to deliver information to the readers. 

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