Got Fat? Get Motivated! Presents: Who Inspires You?

"Inspiration and genius--one and the same." ~ Victor Hugo

Who Inspires You?

Good Morning.  It's already Thursday! I feel as if the week has gone by quickly so far.  Last week I asked a couple of great inspirational women whom I network with who inspires them and why?  Here is what they had to say:

 Jennifer Peele of A Mothers Fitness2Love is inspired by her son.  Well I have thought about this question and the one person who truly inspires me, the one person who truly motivates me to finish school, start coaching at Beachbody and overall wanting more in life is my son. I don’t know if he counts because he’s only 16 months old, but he is the reason why I have dreams. I never cared for much in life, I never had a plan for my future. Being the person that I am, no one would be able to get through to me. I am a late bloomer; I only put effort into things when I want too, not because someone tells me too. After having my son, I finally realized I needed to get my S+++ together! That’s when I became a dreamer! That’s when I wanted things in life, mainly for my son.  My son Ethan Peele is my inspiration in life.

Sarah L. Cosenza Mary-Kay beauty consultant Mary Kay Site is inspired by her grandmother.  My grandmother who passed away about 6 years ago was the most inspiring woman to me.  With a 6th grade education, she was a woman whose advice and logic I valued more than anyone I know.  She was a person who always had a straight forward and concise answer to almost any question.  Her knowledge and life experience that was immense.  She was my calm in any emotional storm I was going through.  I could always count on her for a quick word of advice or funny story.  She made me laugh just because of who she was.  

Determined Diva (that's me)  This is a difficult question.  After thinking it over for awhile, I decided that many people inspire me.  Especially those who have the will, desire, dedication, determination, and a positive attitude to reach an ultimate goal.  These qualities make a successful person. Mistakes and practice make 'almost' perfect.  Never give up on your dreams.  You should always have a plan and a path to get there.  Of course, there will be obstacles along the way but those that know how to work through these obstacles and turn negatives into positives are extremely inspirational individuals. 

My children also inspire me to be the best that I can be!  They are the reason why, I do what I do.  I want to make a positive impact in peoples lives and make them feel good about themselves.  I have many proud accomplishments and due to them.  I keep on pushing for them so that they can be happy, content, and positive.  They give a special meaning to my life.    
You must visit the following links, they are from very powerful and inspirational women who I have worked with, they are all true DIVAS.  They are must CLICKS! 

Emily Ruggerio of Make-up By Emily.   Want to look sexy?  This lady knows her stuff!  Also review her interview at:  Emily's Interview.

Rachel Pisano of Two Boys & A Lady . Great Advice for feeling beautiful and sexy! Also review her interview at:  Rachel's Interview. 

Melina Druga of P.O.V. Melina is a freelance writer, editor, & blogger.  I personally follow her site and have written some guest blog articles for her.  It is a great point-of-view site that  discusses current topics such as ~Do you believe in ghosts?   
Thank you for reading!  I appreciate everyone (Got Fat? has almost reached 4,000 visits!).  Keep coming back for more! 

Have a great DAY!
Determined Diva xo

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