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The only one who can make a significant difference in your life is - YOU! 

Thank God It's Today!  
by Determined D.


Good Morning. There is a reason why we say "good" morning.  We wish people, just that, a "good" morning or "good" day.  If someone wishes you a good morning, it's your responsibility to have that "good" morning.  Yes, it's that simple.  No matter how hard you believe life gets, you can still find the good and positive in your day.  Do not dwell on the past ~ move forward.  Embrace the good in bad.  I woke up this morning feeling inspirational and happy so I wanted to share my inspiration with everyone! 

I truly enjoy watching motivational videos and LOVE motivational quotes/messages.  Motivational quotes always portray a special message, which sticks with me.  Today, everyone is getting a bonus! Two postings from me in one day :).  Later today, my second guest blog article will be published.  Once it is, I will share with all.   

I also had a thought ~ I want to know who inspires you!  I am going to collect a couple short stories of people who inspire you and why and post it!  Inspiration is what keeps us moving.  It helps us focus and believe we can do anything we put our mind to. 

Have a GOOD AWESOME day! 

Please click on the following link to view a video on FOCUS. 

~ Determined Diva

Who inspires you?  Please send a short paragraph or post HERE as a comment.  Emails can be forwarded to danaarev.@gmail.com


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