Make Extra $$Dollars$$

"Economy is a savings-bank, into which men drop pennies, and get dollars in return." ~ Josh Billings 

Make Extra $$Dollars$$

Hope everyone is having a happy & moving day today.   I am very happy because I plan to get back into my healthy routine.  

I have had some extra time on my hands so I had the chance to review some sites where you can truly make some extra DOLLARS, in your spare time.  I say "DOLLARS" because it truly is dollars and in some instances "CENTS".  

I will start with my favorite, Survey Head.  I made approximately $75.00 in Amazon gift certificates with them so far.  This site offers people the opportunity to take surveys in return for gift cards, donations to charities, or money.  Some of the surveys are short, some are long, and some are really fun.  I started taking surveys with them in February.  When you sign up they offer you $5.00.  I believe they are worth a try.  I generally take them while I am waiting for the kids to get dressed for school.  You are able to cash out when you reach $25.00. I assure you that they are completely valid and they do not share your personal information with anyone.   You take real surveys for top brands such as, Lexus, Neilson, Kraft, well known grocery stores, and many more. Check them out here: Survey Head .

Next, is Swag Bucks.  Swag Bucks is also a valid site where you can watch commercials, sign up for deals, play video games (or rather have your kids play video games), take surveys, complete short tasks, search the Internet, and more.  In return you receive points for great prizes.  I currently have about 2,000 points.  I have already redeemed some points for a gift card, which I did receive.  Ever have to wait a long-time at doctors or train station?  This will help you pass the time.  Check them out here: 

Search & Win

Finally, similar to Survey Head another survey site that I am experimenting with is Valued Opinions.  I have just come across them and the site seems valid.  It is similiar to Survey Head in that you can redeem gift cards or have them put money into your PayPal account.  I have not been with them long, and have made about $5.00, so I do not have a strong opinion about them.  If you are interested in trying them, please email me at I will send you the link to get started. 

If you know of other valid sites, please share with us.  It is definitely not a way to make a living, however, it can help you pass the time when you are not busy and use the gift cards you pick out for special treats :). 

Got Fat? Get Motivated & Determined!
~ DD

Networking ops:

A great networking site for women:  Social Moms.  Where you can discuss family issues, marriage, recipes, children, etc.  Check them out at:  Be Social.


  1. I have heard of swag bucks but never signed up! I will now.

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I like them, they have some good prizes. I put an Ipad Touch on my wishlist and hope to one day get it.

    I appreciate the comment :0).

    Enjoy your evening,


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