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“It is better to be looked over than to be overlooked.”– Mae West
Determined D. presents "An Interview with Emily (Make-Up by Emily)."

Make-up by Emily can definitely help you to get "looked over" :)! 

Determined D. ~ I am always networking with empowering, motivational, and inspirational women, enough so to dedicate my site to them once per week, I love to share their stories with you .  This week I "present" Emily of Make-up by Emily.  She caught my attention with her fabulous make-up work, and entrepreneurial skills. She is a true inspiration. I definitely want my make-up done by her - Just For Fun!   I had to find out more....

1) What motivated you into building a business of making people look beautiful?
Ever since I was a little girl getting into my mom’s make-up supply, I have been interested in make-up. As I got older, I came to consider it a true art. Through the years, my interest turned into a bona fide obsession and I could often be found spending any money I had on make-up and doing makeovers on anyone that would let me. I played around with crazy colors, I researched (mostly by trial and error on myself and my awesome friends/family) how to hide imperfections, what looks made sense for whose face or outfit, etc. I started to notice that I was being complimented on my own make-up fairly regularly and was being asked to do make-up for people as favors for multiple occasions. I fought my “artsy-side” by pursuing law as a career, which I don’t regret, but I never lost sight of my love for making people look extra beautiful with the perfect make-up! I decided that now was the time. Enough people had told me that I “should be doing this for real” that I decided to talk to a savvy business-minded friend, throw up a Facebook fan page and ask my friends to be models and begin a portfolio. Since then, the calls, emails and appointments have been keeping me incredibly busy and I could not be happier. Having a creative outlet that I love adds something priceless to my otherwise, relatively conservative professional existence as a Paralegal. While I truly do love my career, law firms really aren’t the place to try out that crazy new shade of eye shadow! The business is mostly selfish to be honest, I think I like making people beautiful even more than they actually like having their make-up done! Either way, it’s a win-win situation and that’s enough for me!      

2)  Do you have a favorite moisturizer?

There are many really fantastic moisturizers on the market today.  My personal favorite is one that I pick up right at any pharmacy for under $12.00 (or under $10.00 on, right now), Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15. This is always good for keeping my skin hydrated, but not greasy!

3) Do you prefer one brand of make-up over another?

This is an interesting question because generally speaking, you would probably assume that make-up is one of those purchases where you “get what you pay for” – not so, not in my experience anyway. I have spent on all sides of the price spectrum for products and while I am a fairly loyal MAC fan, I have found that there are brands out there that not are not only comparable to the more pricey products, but work better in some cases. My most awesome recently discovered affordable brand is E.L.F. (stands for eyes, lips, face). Their products have been pleasantly surprising for the prices and I use them proudly.     

4) What is the one beauty item that you cannot live without and WHY?

I would have to say mascara. Sadly, I was not blessed with long thick lashes that you have to do almost nothing to (I’m looking at you Kim Kardashian!) to make them “pop” - but give them a few coats of the right mascara (right now, I’m loving Maybelline’s “Falsies”) and I’m all good!
5) How can someone on the go do their make-up in five minutes or less?
I am a perfectionist by nature so this is pretty close to impossible for me personally, BUT – if you are in a hurry, a bit of blush, a good coat (or if you’re like me, a few good coats) of mascara and some shiny gloss is really all you need to look like you have put in some effort without also being 15 minutes late to work because you couldn’t get your eyeliner wings right. Yes, that happened to me once.    

6) If someone is interested in contacting you for more information about your services, how can they?
When it comes to my business, I love what social media has done for ease of contact. My Facebook fan page ~Make-Up by Emily~ is the best means of contact. Through that, you can grab my telephone number and email address (and if you look closely all sorts of other random information about me).
Hope you have enjoyed this interview.  Please read more about her below. Emily is a girl after my own heart ~ I cannot live without mascara either!  Please do not forget to go to Emily's fan page for more information! 
Thanks for stopping by!
Determined D. 
More about Emily! 
Bio:  My name is Emily, I live in Northern, New Jersey and I have recently opened a business doing make-up for all occasions (or no occasion, just for fun). While I have been interested in make-up and the beauty industry in general, for as long as I can remember, I decided to put those interests on hold and pursue a career in law. No regrets, but after settling into my conservative and busy working-mother lifestyle, in the corporate world, I decided it was time to go ahead and for the first time in a long time, do something that was for just me. An artistic and creative outlet make-up has always been of interest to me and was just what I needed! I am excited (honored, really) to say that I have gotten nothing but positive feedback and multiple referrals. I can rock a smokey eye just as well as I can review a contract or change a diaper and the balance makes me feel fantastic.   


  1. Emily is an amazing make-up artist! She's done my make up and it was fabulous!! The DD always blogs about interesting stuff!!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Yes, my sister is getting married (soon) and we were looking for the perfect make-up artist. We found her! Become her Facebook Fan to learn how to schedule an appointment! ~Make-up By Emily~.

    Thanks for the compliment. Keep Reading :).

    Determined D xo


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