Sexy is more than Just a Look!

"A great figure or physique is nice, but it's self-confidence that makes someone really sexy." ~ Vivica Fox
                                            Sexy is more than Just a Look!
I start all of my entries by finding the perfect image and 'motivational' quote to match the message that I would like to portray.  Today, I began by searching for a picture of what I think 'sexy' looks like and said to myself, wait, sexy to me may not be sexy to another person.  Then I thought to myself, sexy is just as much a feeling than a look. 

What a way to start a Monday morning!  Let's get sexy!  Little things go a long way, especially for busy women.  You don't have to stop feeling sexy just because you are busy and or changing diapers or making school lunches.  I work with a fellow blogger who is always coming up with quick ideas for busy mothers and women, in general, to look and feel sexy! Shout out to Rachel Pisano of Two Boys & A Lady.  I interviewed her in mid-October. Check out her blog for some ideas Two Boys & A Lady

Sexy is also a feeling.  You may have your own little routine to look or feel 'sexy'.  Hint:  I take a bubble bath at least once per week just to relax, breathe, and pamper myself. At times, I also give myself an "over the counter" facial.  Less expensive than the spa and just as effective for relaxation.  All of these little things help remind me that I am 'sexy'. 

We all need some 'me' time.  Other things that I do, are exercise (when you look good, you feel better), always wear make-up and put your best face forward (even if it is just lip-gloss, eyeliner, and mascara), treat yourself to a pedicure (a soft pink or a french pedicure are my favorite), and always have a great perfume on hand (I can't leave the house without spraying on an awesome fragrance).  I love french pedicures.  There is nothing like wearing cute sandals and exposing well polished toes :).      Do whatever makes you feel 'sexy', it is up to you, remember the littlest things ~ go a long way!                    

Shoes can also help women feel sexy.  There is nothing like wearing cute heels to strut your stuff. A great pair of shoes, even if it isn't heels, can make you feel like you can do anything.   

Sexy is catching, when you feel confident, you have a different walk, look, etc.  People want to be next to you and learn more about you.  You radiate elegance, poise, and confidence. 

Be 'Sexy' always!  Stay Determined! 
Determined D.



  1. So true about the perfume, too!

  2. Hey Rachel,

    I have many :). Right now my favorite is Coach. It is expensive but completely worth it!

    ~ DD


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