Topics for the Week of 10/24/11

"Capture your dreams and your life becomes full. You can, because
you think you can." - Nikita Koloff

Topics for the Week of 10/24/11

Hope everyone has exercise on their mind this weekend. Don't put it off, you CAN do it.  Exercise allows you to release stress, feel great, look great, and have a better overall mood.  I made a huge mistake the past couple of weeks on slowing down.  I did exercise but not as I should have.  I notice a huge difference....not feeling as determined as I did when I was exercising four days per week as opposed to one or two.  And, that is a no-no for Determined D.  I am already back on the right track and will keep moving forward in the right direction!  Now, I present the upcoming topics:     

Monday:   How to Feel Sexy! 
Tuesday:  How to Make Extra Dollars. 
Wednesday:  Topic of the Week & Results
Thursday:  Inspiration ~ My favorite ladies will share who inspire them and why 
Friday:  Pets ;)   

Please remember: 
Do not let obstacles get in your way, always follow your dreams even when it is tough.  The obstacles will pass and someone will always be your biggest fan. 

Stay Determined!
DD xo


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