Got Fat? Get Motivated! Determined Diva is Serious about Exercise

“Silly is you in a natural state, and serious is something you have to do until you can get silly again.” ~ Mike Meyers

Let's Get ~ Serious about Exercise!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and shared it with those who mean the most!   I also hope that everyone ate great food and dessert, because you aren't allowed to for the next 21 days!  Let's do this together! 

Finding out what truly works and doesn't work can lead people to stop exercising.  It is very easy to give up, but I am not going to let you.  Exercise takes commitment and hard work.  The best thing that I did was invest in Women's Health Magazine this month.  Both Women's & Men's Health magazines have excellent sources.    Women's Health sent me a small pamphlet that contained a wealth of information about health, exercise, sleep etc.  The first entry that caught my eye was ~ the 21 day total body makeover.

Relax and rest until Sunday because we are going to do this starting Monday so that we can feel great and eat whatever we want during the upcoming Holidays. If you are currently exercising do not stop your routine!  Do both!  Also, get your comfy sneakers because there is going to be a lot of walking!  To me walking is the easiest form of exercise, so NO Excuses! There is also a strength training portion. 

The first suggestion is make a chart, you can follow my chart because it is going to be in plain sight here!  This coming Sunday I will describe the walking in more detail so that you are ready for Monday! 

Who is with me?  I hope everyone!  Let's get Serious! Got Fat? Get Motivated and Moving!

Enjoy your long weekend! Please review the video below for some additional inspiration. 

Determined D.  ~ Believe in each other!  

References:  Strauss, K. ed. (2009). Report 5 The Ultimate 21-day Total Body Makeover. Rodale Inc. pgs. 24 - 34.     


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