Got Fat? Get Motivated! Determined Diva's Topics for the Week of 11/7/11

"Winning is about heart, not just legs. It's got to be in the right place.” Lance Armstrong
Got Fat? Get Motivated! Determined Diva's Topics
Week of 11/7/11

I had a great week this past week and  I am looking forward to tomorrow and the start of a NEW week. One of my biggest goals this month is to network with more people.  I have met a great bunch of people over the past several months. They have provided me with both motivation and guidance. I have some great ideas and projects in mind.  Let's get to know each other and help each other out along the way.  If you would like to hear something different then what I am presenting; please do not forget to take my weekly survey.  Your opinions and ideas mean a lot to me. 
Monday ~ In the News

Tuesday ~ What makes me Happy

Wednesday ~ Weekly Survey plus results ~ What do the Men want to hear?

Thursday ~ Guest Blog:S. Messier & Emergency Preparedness

Friday ~ Guide to Sexy Abs for both men & women. 

Enjoy your Sunday,
Determined D. (((hugggss)))


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