Got Fat? Get Motivated! Eat This, Don't Touch That! 100th Post

"The two biggest sellers in bookstores are the cookbooks and the diet books. The cookbooks tell you how to prepare the food and the diet books tell you how not to eat any of it." ~ Andy Rooney

Got Fat? Get Motivated! Eat This, Don't Touch That! 100th Post!

Yesterday, I had such a yummy lunch that I wanted to share the details with you. It is possible to turn something that is completely fattening, greasy, and unhealthy into something that is healthy and yummy. 

I am always craving different types of food, some not so bad, but more often than not ~ the BAD.  Choosing healthy alternatives or substitutions in place of what we truly want is possible. 

I often ask my eating healthy/exercise buddy her suggestions on food.  And, YES, sometimes I just eat it, when I know it's bad.  It's only human.  The other day I sent her a message asking her if I could have an egg salad sandwich, and it was a big no-no because of the mayonnaise.  She suggested an egg-white sandwich (which I eat often for breakfast) or turkey bacon.  At that moment, I knew that I had to make a turkey bacon BLT.  

Yesterday, I was on a mission so I stopped at the supermarket after a kick-ass workout, with two wonderful ladies; one happening to be my healthy eating/exercise buddy.   I had the opportunity to examine turkey bacon vs. regular bacon and the differences are worth discussing.

This is what I found:  Regular Shoprite Bacon:  The calories are not so bad 80 calories per every 2 slices, however, 70 of those calories are fat.  The fat content is extremely high ~ 7 grams.  Gross.  Shoprite Turkey Bacon:    The calories are 35 per slice or 70 per every 2 slices.  The big difference is the FAT content only 3 grams per serving. 

I was in heaven yesterday with my turkey bacon BLT.  I purchased fresh tomatoes and lettuce.  When I arrived home, I took two slices of whole wheat bread and toasted it. I placed a small amount of mayo on each slice of bread, took four slices of "turkey" bacon, fresh sliced tomatoes and lettuce and the rest is self-explanatory.   

Make it a HABIT to examine Labels!  About two years ago, I made it a habit to look at the labels because before I started to lose weight I was oblivious to calories, portions, and fat content.  I could eat a bag of Cheetos not realizing I just stuffed my face with 400 plus bad unnecessary calories or empty calories and tons of fat.   

Have you ever heard of the book, Eat This! Not That!? It's a great resource and I recommend it to ALL.  It  contains some food substitutions and recipes that you could have never imagined.

Life in general is about choices, while it is okay at times to follow the bad choices, in order to grow as a person and learn from our mistakes ~ let's try to follow the good choices more often!  Especially when it comes to food; always choose the healthy alternative, your thighs, tummy, and butt will thank you later. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stay Motivated & Determined!
Determined D. xo

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  1. So true. You really got to look at the labels, especially the nutrition facts. Some brands manipulate the serving size to achieve low cal/low fat. Tricky Tricky!


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