Got Fat? Get Motivated! Germs:The Importance of Cleaning Gym Equipment

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Got Fat? Get Motivated! Germs: The Importance of Cleaning Gym Equipment

GERMS!  Gross!  I do not enjoy it when people leave the machine or equipment that they were using dripping with sweat.  Many gyms have those hand sanitizers and sanitized wipes available which I use often!  I am not a germaphobe but in doing research for this entry, I found viruses and bacteria that I never knew could come from a gym, mat, shower, or locker room.  I want to carry Lysol with me to disinfect everything! 

HEY, you are at the gym already, so you obviously care about your health.  Be sure to wipe down the gym equipment before and after every usage.  Wear water shoes or flip flops in the shower and don't leave your stuff laying around. Also, cover cuts with band-aids; you don't want bacteria to get inside them.  If you notice something that is completely unsanitary, inform the gym's management, they will listen.  The health department inspects all gyms and they should be following standard procedures to ensure a safe and healthy environment.  Trust me, you rather be safe and clean rather than sorry, or it won't happen to me attitude. 

Some things you catch!

The influenza virus. I am sure we all know what the flu is or have had it at least once.  The flu is transmitted from person to person; sneezing and coughing. If you are sick, stay home especially if you have a fever!  The flu can be remedied before it even becomes an issue.  Get your annual flu shot, many employers offer flu shots on-site in the employee health department, it is worth a try. There are also different anti-viral drugs that physicians can prescribe upon on-set of the flu.  I had the flu once and had a fever for seven days straight, it's a horrible feeling.    

HPV (Human papillomavirus)/Verrucas. The HPV virus can cause Verrucas aka plantar warts.  Plantar warts are generally found on the bottom of your foot and are extremely painful and take a long time to go away.  I did some research on clearing them up and one natural method that works (proven by experience) is to cut a piece of a banana peel and place the inside of the peel on top of the wart and secure it into place while sleeping.  It sucks the inside of the wart right out after a week.  Another way is don't walk around barefoot in the locker room showers. 

Staph Infections aka MRSA.  Very dangerous "antibiotic" resistant bacteria, meaning it needs to be diagnosed and properly treated with the correct antibiotic; most antibiotics cannot cure this infection. You must cover all cuts or open areas of the skin when working out so that the bacteria does not enter the body.  If not treated properly this infection can kill you.

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Main Source:  Carry, J. (2010, September) Gym Germs. It's Man Stuff. Gym Germs

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